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  1. I've found a bug on a new map. You can see a gap where you can shoot from to enemies and the bullets are going through it like it would be a hole. I found a lot of plasces like this on the whole map (around 10). Hope it will be fixed.
  2. So I found a bug where as you can see you can't get on the rooftop which is retarded. You can only land there but there wont be any loot anyway. It's my favorite loot spot im landing there for 2 months and I thought someone will report it but no This place is near the Hospital. 3 houses we call it TripleDomks
  3. So I found this bug when i was hiding under stairs and I need to say that's pretty interesting. You can see everything and when you play with a squad and they're hiding on the attic you can give them valuable infos I hope it will be fixed soon.
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