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  1. I have the Logitech gaming software installed, I forgot to mention I have stopped the program from running and it temporarily fixed the issues, it persisted again after a few minutes with the software not running. I have also since disabled the Logitech gaming software and some other startup programs. Ill check for more more background processes from Logitech (G502 mouse). thanks for your help.
  2. Actually, just reinstalled the game, it still has the same issues, I've also previously checked for any virus's using windows defender, SAS, and MalwareBytes with no major infections other than cookies.
  3. Bug Description: full map automatically and constantly zooming in, I zoom out with the mouse wheel, will automatically zoom back in, coincidentally when this happens, I also cannot control my fire function of shooting my weapons, I'll click, repeatedly click,spam it and nothing, then as i'm moving around my character will randomly start firing as if the previous clicks have some major sporadic lag, this is extremely frustrating. it seems to come up randomly, and when it does it keeps coming up game after game with multiple different troubleshooting steps. Date Seen: Today, several weeks ago before the last major update as well, but it resolved itself when re-installing the game, I can't keep doing that... Server: NA. Troubleshooting Attempted: verified my mouse was not the problem, all inventory drag and drop functions are normal, weapon switching with the mouse wheel is normal, verified game files on steam, didn't work. restarted my PC, didn't work. reinstalling the game once before seemed to work but that is a tedious and time consuming process, I cannot be expected to do that often. Other Information: this has happened before the most recent update as well. Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System:W10 Pro Graphics Card: GTX 1080 CPU:i7-5930K Ram:32GB DDR4
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