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  1. UebelBAM

    Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun Stage 2

    I really liked the flare gun, but considering how many teams are on the map, every second team was firing a flare gun. I saw way too much. I think in one match, the last 10 guys all had level 3 gear, which i think is too much. I think you should always add everything into the game, flare gun, riot shield ... flamethrower, railgun, i don't care. But those things should be incredibly incredibly rare. Maybe spawn 5 flare guns at max on the map (maybe even less on Sanhok).
  2. UebelBAM

    PUBG Community Feedback Program

    Generally i like the idea of the event pass. It gives me something to aim for while playing the game. But i don't really like the linked missions, especially when linked mission #1 has something to do with squads. I don't really have a squad to play with so this whole missions tree isn't really attainable for me. Secondly, limited time cosmetics. I don't like the idea of paying for the event pass and not getting everything forever. The crate systems is one of the worst parts about the game, it does nothing for me. Every crate i get is locked behind a key, which i won't buy because since i started playing this game a year ago i got nothing out of the crates that is even worth something. There is a reason you have 20 million players but there are only 170 checkered skirts on the steam marketplace. You really need to revamp the entire crate system, in a way where people are able to obtain the stuff in it, without paying 60€ on the steam marketplace for a pair of hot pants.
  3. I think the speed is fine, could be a little bit slower at the end, but not too much. But i would like to see a change where you could neither see into or out of the circle. So you can't camp the circle for late runners and from the outside you don't see where you are walking into (as punishment for being outside). And camping directly at the border could produce some kind of sound effect that would make it more difficult to hear shots, would force people a little bit more to the center.
  4. UebelBAM

    Red Zone fix/proposal

    I do run straight throught the red zone without much worry, never killed me before. I like the concept of the red zone, but would like it to be more aggressive, double the bombs or something like that. A red zone spawn on you should really be like "Oh shit ..." And no time to lose to get out of it.
  5. UebelBAM

    Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    Or you could do it like in Heroes of the Storm, a knocked down person is invincible, revive takes 8 seconds but every next revive takes additional 5 seconds. But it should always be possible to play together with your friends unless your team is wiped out together.
  6. UebelBAM

    Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    This obviously is something onky duo and squad have. I think it is frustrating sometimes, to get knocked down and killed on the ground immediately. And because you play with friends, especially in the beginning, you keep asking if you go on or just quit alogether because one of the team would have to watch instead. I don't know, i think i would like it more if a knocked down person could not be killed, but still loses health slowly. Maybe he can only be knocked out one time in the game and dies the second time. Or let the player defend himself with the equipped pistol. Right now you just watch the guy reload and shoot you on the ground.