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  1. The game is literally unplayable. I have played this for 660 hours and the game just wants me to stop playing. When I get into a game my camera will get stuck about 40% of the time that makes me lose gunfights. It goes like this. I see an enemy, aim, my camera freezes and wont move, I lose the gunfight. If the camera doesn't freeze then there's always a chance of fps lag that usually happends when I get shot and it lasts for about a second that also increases the change of me losing a gunfight. Oh and also when I try to perform actions like healing, aiming, running my character randomly shakes and cancels it. So basically If I am healing my character cancels it randomly which might result in death. Or maybe I am aiming at a player and my character randomly cancels aiming so now at this point my character is firing from the hip which results in death. WHAT CAN I DO? It's frustrating to play with all of these problems that happen in every game. I can't take it anymore. Advice would be appreciated so I don't need to take a break from this game. I really want to play it.
  2. This game is almost unplayable for me. people shoot me around corners, My guns jam very often, I have hit reg issues, game crashes pretty often, opening inventory freezes my game for 1 second, melee is useless because it does no damage and players do not even get hit if I hit them for example with a pan. WHAT CAN I DO?! When a player is standing still and I don't have a gun I am basically dead because if I punch him. nothing. Superman punch. nothing. very rarely I get a hit on them but when I get a hit on them for example superman punch to the head and a couple of more punches the player doesn't give a damn and shoots me or one shots me from a mile away with his fists... The only good thing is that my fps is decent it usually is around 40-90 depending on the area I am at. please help meeee!
  3. I don't if It's just my pc but I think this game should run better with my specs. gtx 1060 3GB, 8gb ram, i5-6400. It just might be my pc but I never feel like I have 60 fps, my game freezes pretty often that means my character keeps doing the input that I pressed before the game freezed. I have my power and the game on performance mode and I have thread optimization on. everything is on very low except texture is on high. please help
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