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  1. Boop_

    Vram issue

    it was fixed
  2. Boop_

    Vram issue

  3. Boop_

    Vram issue

    I guess vram is the issue here might change how much is being used
  4. Boop_

    Vram issue

    also vram is how much ram is being used by the video card.
  5. Boop_

    Vram issue

    16gbs is for loading? 8gbs is the minimum you do not need 16gbs if you want faster loading times 16gbs is good
  6. Boop_

    Vram issue

    so i changed my vram cause a YouTube Video told me if i change vram i should expect more fps but nope not the case here now i cant barely play it cause windows wants to say YOUR COMPUTER IS LOW ON MEMORY but its not really 44% of my memory is being used i have 8 gigs of ram so it shouldnt be saying YOUR COMPUTER IS LOW ON MEMORY windows i didnt get a picture so i cant show it...
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