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  1. Bug Description: After the game crashed on loading and I reconnected, I was unable to eject from the plane with F. No amount of alt-tabbing or hitting escape made it work, so I was forced to be dropped with the AFK's and was doomed miles and miles away from my team. Date Seen: 12/12/2017, at 0.15 AM Server: EU main server Troubleshooting Attempted: Alt tabbing when in plane, hitting escape, checking the key-bind, rolling my face over the keyboard. Other Information: I was in the plane when I reconnected? Launch Options: None System Specifications: Windows 10 1070GTX Intel I5-2500K 8GB DRR3 Ram
  2. So my game ended abruptly as I tried to get on a motorcycle that was knocked over. Instead standing the bike up, it killed me instantly, with the reason being fall damage. The bike was on a slight incline, and I might have been slouching over it a little bit, but that's no reason that it should instantly kill you
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