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  1. Yesterday, me and 2 other people were wrongly convicted of cheating/hacking. The problem is we didn't cheat at all. Sometimes we would have connectivity issues when playing the game which causes us to teleport randomly. You'd expect that when the players ping gets too high the player would freeze. The net code of this game needs to implement a function that stops the player from teleporting. How does it affect gameplay? The most affected scenario is when the player is running whilst lagging. The lag causes the player to teleport ahead of it's self due to something in the netcode, which can make the player a hard target to shoot. From the enemies perspective it is easy to thing that they are using a third party program to gain an advantage in speed or what not. I hope this helps.
  2. I have only tried it with a pan, however I tested to see if you can damage a team mate with a pan through the wall of a concrete hut. When I did it they got knocked out and his helmet was completely gone. We were completely on opposite sides of the wall not near a door or corner.
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