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  1. No. This is the only time I've ever seen it. Thx
  2. Bug Description: Caught a guy sneaking up behind me, but it looks like he was sliding / gliding across the ground. Not sure if it's a bug or desync. Video of slider Date Seen: July/01/1917 Server: Public NA Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: No other desync noticed in match. Launch Options: none System Specifications: Operating System: Win 7 64bit Graphics Card: Geforce 770 CPU: i7 4770k 3.7 Ram: 16G
  3. I just encountered this bug as well and caught it on video. clip of continuous bullet falling bug. Date Seen (heard): july/03/2017 Server: NA Troubleshooting Attempted: none Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 64bit Graphics Card: GTX 770 4gb CPU: Intel i7 4700K Ram: 16GB
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