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  1. Hello PUBG. I've had an idea for some time which I'd like to share. I just read an article about how Erangel will be refreshed with new buildings and the like. The idea I've had is to reduce the size of the Erangel and Miramar to 6x6, and to keep the current size for the future where you may or may not increase the maximum player count. With Sanhok and Vikendi being smaller and more popular It'd make sense to maybe try out smaller versions of the original 2 to see if that may help with the lack of players playing them. I personally prefer the pace and play of the Sanhok and Vikendi because they are smaller and the loot is better and the games go by more quickly. I believe the issues facing the 2 originals is how slow they can be at times. Just my 2 cents. -Tyler
  2. It took awhile for the game to load for me. After about 2 minutes.
  3. Same. Getting fps drops and stuttering after latest update.
  4. Just played a duo round where 10 seconds into the round everyone forced jumped from plane. Screenshots aren't overly indicative but it was a complete drop I assure you.
  5. Your problem may have not have to do with red zone. Does it crash every few minutes or so?
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