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  1. No voice chat working! it's been well over a week and it's still having problems!
  2. I have a high end computer running a gtx 1070 with an i7 - 7700 and I have really good internet with an average of 40 ping. I keep having the same issue (even before 1.0 release) with doors not opening even though it is open? and then I have to keep pressing F just to open it but it closes it with only the closing door animation, this is extremely frustrating when trying to loot a house and I can only get in after pressing F a thousand times. sometimes it opens, most of the time they don't and they glitch out on me ie not opening, door closing even though they already appeared closed... etc
  3. Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. Keep getting this error message everytime I try to open it since the windows 10 update.
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