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  1. If they did that all of Pochinki would be on fire every game.
  2. Talking about cheats on these forums is like the first rule of Fight Club.
  3. Just make it 100% of the time on the whole map.
  4. Sure did, twice in 2 games. Knocked a guy first game and pushed him only to get killed by redzone, then next game went to steal a car and got blown up as i was driving off into the sunset.
  5. What a absolute trash idea. Scrap it, no one likes it and all it does is makes us more deaf because how loud it is.
  6. I got a 4th last night i thought id finally got a hack free lobby only to get killed by teamers.
  7. The reason we are losing out shit over it, is its happening every game on SEA. I played 6 games solo yesterday and made 7 reports.
  8. I always wonder how many kills guys like these would get in a "good" game if they didnt have to kill all the dickhead stream snipers first every game.
  9. 4 games this morning and hacked on every game on SEA. Getting shot at while inside buildings, ESP everywhere. i even got full auotoed from 700m with a 4x. The game is pure shit at the moment.
  10. Well id happily pay a monthly subscription fee to play on servers that had it running on em. Ive played 3 games this morning an been hacked on all 3 games.
  11. Can you tell me why they dont use server side anti-cheat ? Is it to expensive or is it something else ? For a gaming company to make 1 billion dollars in revenew in 2018 alone, i cant understand why Server side anti-cheats are not already in place.
  12. So if i report someone what do they look at if not a video and stats of the player being reported ?
  13. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! How bout spending more time breaking these hacks and less time making dumb ass skins that you try to sell for $10 each. Its like you guys have one guy breaking hacks and the rest are making pixels. This guy in question stepped it up more last night and is now sitting at 13 wins from the last 20 games, how isn't battleye picking up a 14 K/D and all those wins and banning them even without anyone reporting ?????
  14. The Bronco thinks its driving on Ice and has a mind of it own, that pile of crap has got me killed so many times spinning out of control for no reason.
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