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  1. Near Monte Nuevo, there's a fence that you can get stuck in. Not the end of the world, but still pretty annoying if/when it happens.
  2. Alt tabbing to something like the steam chat window, replying, closing the window and then pressing anything out in windows will fire the mouse. Pretty inconvenient since it gives your position away instantly.
  3. I feel I keep re-living bad network performances in modern games. I have 5ms at most to the servers, and I run 60FPS without any problems. Despite this stuff like this insists on happening all the time whenever the server glitches due to network penalties/delays. Picking upp stuff, parachuting etc are still sluggish and delayed more than it should need to be because of network latency.
  4. One thing that really frustrates me is that whenever a team member marks the map, no one really knows where it's placed unless you do either a 360 or take up the map. While the Play-zone gets a dotted line towards the direction you should head. It seems like such a simple thing to add so that each colored marker on the map gets a colored dotted line as well. It would really improve quality of life for team play. Further more, whenever I spot someone, I need to abort the suppressive fire to take up the map, mark the map, go back to firing and hoping to the lords that I haven't been killed while the UI delays play through or that the player I was aiming at, haven't moved already. A simple "spot" button that doesn't mark exactly where the enemy are - but rather where I'm aiming roughly would be amazing! Not only would it make team play more rich, but it would enable people to not play so randomly and promote sniper roles as if it were in real life.
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