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  1. arybow

    Loot on erangel

    So seems like erangel has got the vikendy uzi's syndrom, find those everywhere !
  2. I think it's totally overpowered in a battle royale like PUBG and could be a kind of game breaker. Hunting a decoy nade, with three of those I will play only to troll squads in solo vs squads ! mouahahahahah.
  3. arybow

    FPS drop on vikendi?

    I think that erangel miramar and vikendi have optimization problems in certain areas, yasnaya is a good example of fps drop, go to the east of yasnaya out of the city, and look to the east, look your fps, then, look to the west with all the city in front of you, look your fps (down), same on some spots on miramar, same on vikendi, don't find any in sanhok (but didn't play a lot sanhok).
  4. This is probably why sanhok ans vikendi are smaller than Erangel and Miramar. The best blue zone I had in this game was during an old update where the blue was really slow late game.That was fun, Oh I've got extra time to engage or to heal or to choose my way ! But some said "ouin ouin,,, I can't use the rush mid zone now, cause my enemies have more time to organize themselves and to outplay me !".
  5. arybow

    Cheating Discussion

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4tX4VKl5lg for example ?
  6. arybow

    snow map teasers

  7. arybow

    CrashReport, impossible de lancer le jeu

    est ce que tu vois l'anticheat se lancer avant le logo pubg ? car c'est ça qu'il lance en premier, peut être chercher de ce côté là si tu ne l'as pas fait, quand je lance pubg avant l'écran du logo j'ai le droit à une fenêtre de l'anticheat avec la possibilité de cliquer sur play pour lancer le jeu.
  8. arybow

    You nerfed loot - Why?

    mulitple items in the floor on sanhok tonight, some of them were usable, some of them not. Then we played erangel and miramar , 5 or 6 duo games, the best scope we got was *6 one time, other times, we got * 3 but forget the *4,*6,*8 those were not for us....OkOK, but leaving an area with 8 houses with one pistol both of us is not normal. Landing in a house where there is nothing but a pan to fight the guy in the next house who got an auto AR is not normal. I ve played this game 1300 hours so I think I know that the loot is horrible playing erangel now and sometimes miramar is the same, going hacienda = no AR what the hell ? Then you got sanhok with houses where there is three ARS, what the hell, did all the weapons of the other maps go in Sanhok ???? they change the loot tables to give players a reason to move, it's worst, everybody is camping more, the game is going in a way I don't like.
  9. arybow

    Cheating Discussion

    i dont know if you've heard about this thread : https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/9kotf0/bluehole_banned_13million_cheaters_so_far/ since june 2017 ....(69 weeks = 69 ban waves, the biggest was more than 1 000 000 players in a week. I remember those guys, here, writing "get good, I never met a cheater in PUBG blabla etc..." (those numbers are the official numbers from blue hole)
  10. arybow

    Cheating Discussion

    and you will throw me a bone after ? videos are made for anticheat not for uberskilled players bragboy !
  11. arybow

    Cheating Discussion

    I like to troll the uberskilled player like you with multi bans from frustrated and by the way bad admins and come to brag in this post thinking that a guy who knows some good way to spot some esp cheaters in this game is a uberlowskilled player that have never been banned by frustrated and bad admins etc.... have a nice day too....
  12. arybow

    Cheating Discussion

    thx ? you want a medal for multiple vac bans or game bans ? play legit and have a good day.
  13. arybow

    Cheating Discussion

    wrong , look at your own replay, easy to spot a esp user, if the guy was fishy during the time he killed me, I had a doubt I looked the replay when this guy was 1 Km around me I could see every move he did, and if he used an ESP or a wallhack, it's really easy to spot. (sometimes it's not the guy who killed you that was cheating, if he is playing with squad, take your time; look his mates, and you will sometimes find the ESP user giving callout to his mates....That is one way to cheat that you find in cs go too, the low skilled player is using a wallhack to give the callout to the other players, he is staying with low stats to not get spotted)
  14. arybow

    You nerfed loot - Why?

    and giving 1.5 more AR in tournaments to make it entertainment ! Lol
  15. arybow

    Cheating Discussion

    yep, there was a huge vacban wave during july the 19th. Played ten csgo matches the three next days after the ban wave, (face it premium and valve MM), only lost one of those matches then played ten other games the days after and only won one...lol (cheats were up to date again and chances are high that there is a cheater in any csgo match : In pubg it's the same problem.....it's hell for legit players many times....