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  1. Either this is a stealth addition, or I had tomatoes for eyes before. Someone please confirm whether this is new or if not, since when it has been in. One very significant QoL change: When you go into aim (softaim or ADS), your teammates' HUD overlay icons now get reduced in opacity. MFW. Thanks, devs.
  2. My solution: light green. UMP + holo is not a bad weapon if you can get in a good spot. So try to stay hidden and avoid the camped/populated areas, go for the area marked light green. Light grey are possible movement lines of people in the campy/pop spots, should the next circle fall west, south or center.. Cut off the people coming up the hill from Novo and take their shit. Should the next circle fall on Novo, you got some decent-ish chance to cut off the bridge trolls going north around the hill. Need to watch for people coming down from the antenna though. getting down the hill undetected is usually easy once fighting has broken out in Novo.
  3. Agreed, quality thread. Thanks for starting it! If you or anyone else got more scenarios with the potential for discussions like the above, keep 'em coming That, or the ones from the houses were able to use their elevated position and cover in the houses to pick off runners in the fields en masse. And while I appreciate you letting us in on how it all played out in the end, there is lots of uncertainty about where everyone else was moving at the time the tactical decision [that this discussion was about] had to be made. I think threads like this one will benefit greatly from 2d-playbacks of every players movement once that is available. Looking forward to it!
  4. Another solution (orange): drive to the lake. Then... either use the slope for cover to move along the river, making use of the slower circle speed at the western side and take up position in a building or on the woody hill or push into the circle there, making use of the buildings, wizard tower or road block for cover or sniping positon
  5. Since we're finally getting useful stuff on slot 3: HK MP7 for pistol slot. Fire one-handed or take apropriately long-ass time to extend stock and front grip. Or only enable stock/grip if carried in primary slot. Enable mounting of scopes. Whoops. Maybe not that one.
  6. Tried monitoring your temps? If your laptop dropped, maybe one or more heatsinks became unseated. Above glitch could have a variety of causes, but gut feeling points to something overheating. VRAM or maybe RAM. Just to be sure: You did validate files in steam, chdsk system disk and game disk?
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