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  1. Greaves

    BattleEye Blocking XXXXX :(

    ReShade got fucked by the last big patch from what i heard back then. Never used it myself but i'm guessing it's because they messed with the saturation and shit.
  2. Greaves

    Jukebox :)

    Aren't we doing the classic ''rate the song above you'' forum style music? That wat you know at least 1 person listened to what you posted.
  3. Greaves

    Why i cant open PUBG?

    When you click the ''Play'' button on Steam, nothing happens? Try restarting Steam, and after that, right click the game in your library, go to Properties - Local Files - Verify Integrity of Game Files. Try if that works.
  4. @Roggan29 Aye, there's always a bunch of high tech assault and sniper rifles in here that are pretty boring. Would love to see as much variation as possible.
  5. This baby boy. Obviously it should come with a drop down list of about 69 different firing modes, expandable rocket launcher, add-on jetpack and subtractable submarine. Also a clip-on fishing rod. Seriously though, i'm sure they'll add a lot more guns and i don't really care which ones. The M1 Garand sounds like fun though.
  6. Looking forward to playing around with the new patch. Sunset should be great, and there's a lot of neat little changes and additions.
  7. Greaves

    Just had a solo pub match with 11 people

    If 8/11 including you jump out at the militairy base it still feels like a regular match.