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  1. Every freaking game in Sanhok solo is a wh/radar user. Atleast one in _every_ game. Everytime I log on game it gives a report about suspended accounts that I have reported which is totally meaningless when the games are ruined in the first place. I'm 100% sure PUBG doesn't have an answer to radar hack. Uninstalled.
  2. I've been playing only Sanhok map solo games in Beta Season 3. About 500 games. 50+ wins. Overall about 1800 hours played. So I've got somewhat a decent understanding about the current state of the game. At the moment there is players using radar hack / wh almost every game. Yes they get banned fast but past years I've never seen so many of them. So what's going on here.. It's not a game breaking situation but it's bad.. atleast for the image of PUBG. And annoying af. Feels like there is no anticheat active or something. It's strange tbh.
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