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  1. Occasionally when I hit the ground after parachuting the game immediately hard crashes to desktop. This happens maybe 1 time out of 30 games but when it happens it is super annoying.
  2. Just started playing today after the patch and for some reason i am listed as #unknown. Anyone else running into this and know how to fix it?
  3. So from the ones i've experienced personally. 1.While Driving a Vehicle on Vikendi, come to a complete stop inside the redzone. I did this.... my team thought i was nuts and after the match i'm still 0/5 2. Oh, the things you'll break! I destroyed 10+ windows, 10+ doors, 10+ fences, 8 tires, and 2 vehicles I did this 3 times and it has never registered as completed. 3. Get 1 kill using an SR/DMR. Got a kill with the SKS and it didn't count. I'm sure there are many more not triggering but this is frustrating.
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