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  1. Why we don't have custom games & the famous pubg trench coat set it's on every other platform except PS4. This feature and cosmetic items should have been in the game day one I would love to have that red bandana, hooded trench coat & the real red sneakers will it ever come to PS4?
  2. I supported the survival pass but I can agree with you its very underwhelming all I get out of it is the backpack skins and the weapon skins it's the only value from the survival pass. In the future @pubg need to make the survival pass 100% better if they want people to invest into the survival pass system I wish every cosmetic weapon skin backpack skin if they make armor skins in the future it all need to be "Elite" cosmetic skins
  3. I'm just very frustrated and passionate about the game and seeing an update on Twitter to say we have to wait once again fell disappointing I just needed to vent
  4. I'm getting sick and tired of seeing on Twitter all the new content that's coming to PC the wild-card survival pass, the new weapon on vikendi, the weapon mastery, and PS4 doesn't even have custom games yet. PS4/XB1 are so far behind the wild card survival pass is almost over on PC. Now y'all ending the season 1 on May 21st, pubg going to reopen the test servers the same day y'all going to try to give us a very large update and we all know it's going to be buggy as hell and it's going to push back future updates just because the game will be broken now. So we probably won't see the wild card survival pass on live servers after #E32019 I would love to hear your opinion on this matter please leave a comment
  5. @PUBG_Andymh5 this is a joke!😠 the lack of content and development for console players on PS4 & Xbox1 is getting real tired and boring. The wild-card survival pass is almost over on PC & PS4/Xbox1 haven't even get a crack at it yet. It shows that your development team doesn't have any leadership & guidance for the lack of content for the console version of pubg. It's a shame how you guys just keep dropping the ball not keeping players invested not keeping updates consistent. I rather pubg just come out and make a statement and saying we're not going to develop the console version anymore and we the gamers who play invest into the ecosystem we just find something else to play because y'all really don't care about it why should we.
  6. I wish pubg had an option where we can set individual cosmetic & weapons skins to individual Maps
  7. On PS4 we haven't received the player unknown Battleground trench coat set. And the reason why we haven't received streamer skins yet Microsoft and Sony would have to pay those streamers you know that's not going to happen, We don't even have the twitch Prime skins on console and twitch have skins for just about every game there is except pubg on console
  8. I would love to see on all the maps 4K textures night mode more Dynamic weather on every map some new air crates weapons like flamethrower, 50cal SniperRifle, DesertEagle, GasGrenades, and a P90 SMG, update the buildings, compounds and set up a cosmetic option for each map so you'll be able to wear different cosmetic and weapons skins for different Maps and I cannot forget about vehicle skins that'd would be dope. #PubgCorp keep up the good work strive for greatness
  9. I play over 10 matches and I still don't have the Horizon zero Dawn mask. Will I still get it @pubg
  10. The new moonlight weather I wish it was alot darker and vikendi needs more sniper rifles and Dmr why not the mutant gun not on the snow map
  11. I know optimizing performance on console is the primary focus. But it's about time for an up-to-date road map the plans you have for pubg. Another survival pass for Miramar and OG map, new weapons in the air crate like the desert eagle, 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle, a P90, tactical shotgun, and how about the flare gun. I know a new map may be in the works hopefully it's 8x8 Urban map and I will make this map have every gun off of every map on pubg making legendary cosmetic skins level 1, 2, & 3 helmet Skins and book bags how about updating the engine pubg runs offer maybe put in some 4K textures and view distance a day and night cycle I know trying to please all your players isn't easy but keep up the good work and strive for excellence pubg core and Blue Hole Studios
  12. I know PC have a death cam replay system A way you can see who kill you and how. But I don't know why ps4/xb1 doesn't have it.
  13. It seem like you have a better chance of winning a state lottery I've been trying to get the military jacket and hat over 600,000 BP a go and I still doesn't have it. Pubg need to drop the odds percentage so us the players can have a better chance of getting them red and purple items out of crates because it's very much gambling the percentage pubg have it as.
  14. I know performance is the primary Focus at the moment but where is the weekly events and why the console version of pubg doesn't have death cam replays. Will PS4 get the iconic pubg trench coat set are just PC and Xbox1?
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