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  1. Soulja4life-504

    Share your outfit

    I wish pubg had an option where we can set individual cosmetic & weapons skins to individual Maps
  2. Soulja4life-504

    Streamer skin

    On PS4 we haven't received the player unknown Battleground trench coat set. And the reason why we haven't received streamer skins yet Microsoft and Sony would have to pay those streamers you know that's not going to happen, We don't even have the twitch Prime skins on console and twitch have skins for just about every game there is except pubg on console
  3. Soulja4life-504

    Opinions on Update #27

    New content is always good for pubg, a couple of changes that don't sit well with me. I don't like The first aid kit, I don't like the weapon restrictions for maps put all the weapons on every map I really don't like the survival pass it's not launching on all platforms at the same time pc-ps4-xb1 make the game free to play to bring in new players and some Veterans of pubg what's up with all the cosmetic skins being female bias and not enough male skins on the survival pass, how about adding an option for weapon and cosmetics skins for individual Maps what's the purpose of having all the skins if you cannot assign toward a Pacific map keep updating pubg and hopefully we get cross-play sometime this lifetime
  4. Soulja4life-504

    Horizon zero dawn mask

    I still don't have the HZD mask
  5. Soulja4life-504

    Pubg corp have plans to remaster erangel

    I would love to see on all the maps 4K textures night mode more Dynamic weather on every map some new air crates weapons like flamethrower, 50cal SniperRifle, DesertEagle, GasGrenades, and a P90 SMG, update the buildings, compounds and set up a cosmetic option for each map so you'll be able to wear different cosmetic and weapons skins for different Maps and I cannot forget about vehicle skins that'd would be dope. #PubgCorp keep up the good work strive for greatness
  6. Soulja4life-504

    Horizon zero dawn mask

    I play over 10 matches and I still don't have the Horizon zero Dawn mask. Will I still get it @pubg
  7. Soulja4life-504

    PS4 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    The new moonlight weather I wish it was alot darker and vikendi needs more sniper rifles and Dmr why not the mutant gun not on the snow map
  8. I know optimizing performance on console is the primary focus. But it's about time for an up-to-date road map the plans you have for pubg. Another survival pass for Miramar and OG map, new weapons in the air crate like the desert eagle, 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle, a P90, tactical shotgun, and how about the flare gun. I know a new map may be in the works hopefully it's 8x8 Urban map and I will make this map have every gun off of every map on pubg making legendary cosmetic skins level 1, 2, & 3 helmet Skins and book bags how about updating the engine pubg runs offer maybe put in some 4K textures and view distance a day and night cycle I know trying to please all your players isn't easy but keep up the good work and strive for excellence pubg core and Blue Hole Studios
  9. I know PC have a death cam replay system A way you can see who kill you and how. But I don't know why ps4/xb1 doesn't have it.
  10. Soulja4life-504


    It seem like you have a better chance of winning a state lottery I've been trying to get the military jacket and hat over 600,000 BP a go and I still doesn't have it. Pubg need to drop the odds percentage so us the players can have a better chance of getting them red and purple items out of crates because it's very much gambling the percentage pubg have it as.
  11. I know performance is the primary Focus at the moment but where is the weekly events and why the console version of pubg doesn't have death cam replays. Will PS4 get the iconic pubg trench coat set are just PC and Xbox1?
  12. I tried restarting and game but week 2 Mission list is unavailable you only to see the percentage but not the actual mission
  13. I did witness even worse performance on PC at release in Early Access on Steam I've been playing pubg since then I have 2200 hours on PC but I'm a console player
  14. That makes a lot of sense with the streamer skins but it's still a lot of cosmetic sets that pubg corp don't have to set up a contract with Microsoft and Sony to put it in the game on console. The Xbox players have the trench coat set I missed out on it on PC was thinking it will be released on PS4 but still something simple still not in the game on console
  15. I believe they are penny-pinching us to suck out any money they can because pubg Corp no we will buy it and once they feel it been on the store long enough then pubg would add another small content of cosmetic sets and weapon skins instead of just flooding game with a lot of cosmetic sets weapon skins and streamers items to give the game some diversity they'd rather take out money slow because they know we going to buy. Console is not bluehole/pubg Corp primary focus