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  1. Still receiving the same glitch. Anyone else?
  2. As much as I hate visiting these bug forums I have returned once again. I still have recurring and existing issues regarding the reconnect button. My issue occurs when I am unable to load into the game properly resulting in a black Bluehole loading screen. After I Task manager delete the process and re-start PUBG I start experiencing problems. The problem is that I will either load into the lobby and one of two things will happen: I will be loaded with my squad pre-plane and then get ejected out of the match into a spectator mode AKA I don't get put into the match. The other and perhaps more annoying version of the problem is that I am loaded into the plane and see my teammates names and boxes but they see me on SPAWN island. I have a body that is separate from my body at spawn island. SO when my team doesn't see me in game that means that I don't have a marker, health bar, or indicator of where I am. To make things worse, I am able to see my team's HUD boxes, hp bars, etc. So essentially I'm a 4th in a team that can't see me. I got killed by friendly fire from a teammate that couldn't identify which target was an enemy vs a friendly cause I have no marker. Furthermore, when my character dies on spawn island I am hit with a LEAVER PENALTY for a game that I CONNECTED TO AND PLAYED OUT THROUGH A RECONNECT BUTTON. It is frustrating if you are in my boat trying to grind rank. Hopefully devs know about this issue and if not I will upload evidence to show you what happens through my perspective
  3. Hey Korean, I'm experiencing a similar issue where if I leave the lobby I also get penalized as it won't adjust for the disconnect. I started experiencing this kind of issue after the last patch. I assume it's not us and we are the only ones that made a forum account to post here.
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