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  1. Date Seen: 28-08-2018 Area of Map: Whole map Description: Steps to reproduce: Player_1 starts a duo or squad match. Player_1 places a mark on map. Player_1 disconnects from the game. All other players can see Player_1's mark on the top-screen compass bar (<-- exactly bug), but there is no mark on the minimap and full-screen map. Video: null
  2. Bug description: 1) Press "START". 2) Your game must be loaded (loading screen is dissapeared) only when plane is alredy on fly. 3) No sound is present untill you press "F" (jump out a plane). Date seen: since release till today. Server: EU. Troubleshooting Attempted: reinstalling the game, reinstalling OS, buying new PC, etc. Launch Options: no options. System Specification: Operating System: Windows 10, 1709 build Graphics Card: GTX 950 CPU: Ryzen R7 1700 RAM: 16 Gb Additional information may be requested, but this is an old bug, caused not by gamer's crooked hands. P. S. I'm ready to help with debugging code.
  3. Tarasovych

    Get 60+ fps

    You want to say 4690K not 4590K?) Ok, thanks! But I have budget motherboard (MSI H81M-P33), don't know yet, is it good for overclock or not.
  4. Tarasovych

    Get 60+ fps

    Thanks for your reply! I actually don't play other games now. I play 1680x1050, but probably go 1080p with new monitor.
  5. Tarasovych

    Get 60+ fps

    Maybe devs'd optimize the game
  6. Tarasovych

    Get 60+ fps

    I have i3 4330, 8 ram and gtx 950. Could I update CPU or GPU to get 60+ fps (at least on low-middle). Could i5 4460 or next gen (LGA 1151) be helpfull? Maybe i5 will be good start for PC platform for next ~3 years. Or buy new video like 1050?
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