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  1. I noticed a performance increase as well. May just have to do with the way the game loads in the textures.... However I also got youtubers saying they got about a 30 fps increase.
  2. Thanks bud. Lemme know how she goes
  3. I sent an email to the developers, they already got it.
  4. Guys, I found a fix for a lotta crash freeze issues.... Try this shit out. Took me a month of fucking around.
  5. Months of troubleshooting... I pat myself on the back
  6. Run the game alt+tab go into task manager, perform the following on both TSLGame_BE.exe and TslGame.exe - right click, set priority, real time, Then on TslGame.exe, right click, set affinity, uncheck all cores but core_0 alt+Tab back into the game wait for the player countdown and you to get into the plane with the minimap loaded... Alt+tab again, go back and right click on TslGame.exe again, click affinity and click all cores alt+tab back in and enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFxlOhOEmFM
  7. CHECK OUT THE FIX!!!! https://youtu.be/EFxlOhOEmFM
  8. No dice.... New network card doesn't work.
  9. I do have an old gaming network card in my old computer. Maybe I'll try that when I get home from work
  10. Update - Hi everyone. Pulled the ram and the usb headset. Same issue. Even used my old 8 gig ram kit
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