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  1. BrosKi

    8x scope lag

    Like I said, I have an 870m that gets used when i start the game
  2. BrosKi

    8x scope lag

    There is a bug with all the weapons for me where zooming in, and zooming out of the 8x and 15x scope drops about 30fps. Once you are zoomed in, it sits at 20fps lower. The 15x is smooth when you're zoomed in but going in and out of it feels like i'm watching a power point presentation. I have lowered my resolution to 1280x720 and put everything to the lowest it could. Yet still I drop frames while zooming in and out. I also changed the launch codes after experiencing the 8x lag to a formula I found on the steam guides under "increase fps in pubg". I play on the NA server all the time. The 8x scope and 15x scope lag has occurred since I got the game. The last time this happened was 6/6/2017 with the 8x. (ALSO with the screenshots below it doesn't show my other GPU which is a NVidia GTX 870m non-overclocked.)
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