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  1. I recently upgraded my ram from 8 to 16 and i totally deleted these problems u re listing up
  2. That happens when you try to open the crate a second time after you first attempt, when says it failed to open the crate it means the second attempt has been ignored since was already processing the first one, if you feel like you didn't get any item is just because you have probably got an item you already had
  3. recently i started getting bored by playing matches consecutively so i started watching more the leaderboard, with the arrive of a friend who has just started playing I now mostly play Duo and we climbed up to 1800 rating but... I'm kind of stuck, since yesterday my Duo Stats do not update while Solo and Squad do. I'm confused initially i thought was a bug but i also thought was a filter since on like 100 duoq matches we hit 30% of the times the top10 but never got a chicken dinner, I noticed my rank is right 1800 (not 1pt more, not 1pt less), my win rating is 1500 (exactly 1500) and kill rate 1499. Can it be a filter that doesn't allow me to get over till i take to home a chicken dinner? I can't find an answer since even in games where we die right after the landing phase (so when we should lose elo) we don't lose anything, it does not get updated and this only for me and him. He has an elo of 1770 Duo
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