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  1. Lee Hong

    Peeking issues

    Looks like the issue was fixed after I reinstalled the game. If I encounter it again I will make a video about the problem.
  2. Lee Hong

    Peeking issues

    Well, I tried to get into a game to try recording the peeking issues but now I get the "Connection Timeout 2.3.30" error message and can't join any game. Guess I will try to reinstall and give the recording a shot later.
  3. Lee Hong

    Peeking issues

    Hi! Am I the only one who's got issues with peeking? I haven't played for about a week thanks to my exams and I tried to play a few matches tonight but I've noticed I can't peek in first person anymore when I aim down my sights. If I spam my peek key the arms of my character starts moving for a bit but after that it snaps back to default and my aim stays straight. I've checked my settings, both peeks are binded on my keyboard and I have no issues peeking in third person.
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