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  1. Date Seen: September 25 2018 (for example) Area of Map: Area of the map [F-I] Description: Open hole(s) into some cliffs, one of which you can climb into and be "outside" the map without others being able to see you. Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/315012914
  2. https://imgur.com/a/tKG0B Date Seen:Yesterday. Almost every day I've played for as long as I can remember. Server: Live server and test servers for at least the last six months Error Message: N/A Other Information: This is stupid as heck. Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Happens on any system.
  3. If you are somewhere on the edge of a frag grenade's effect-radius it will propel you away from it. However, if you can not be propelled away from it on account of being firmly seated by terrain it will still propel you away from it and does so in a manner that is inconsistent with what would have happened if you weren't firmly seated both damage-wise and direction-propelled-wise. In other words if you are in a corner when affected by a grenade that would harm you--but not necessarily knock you out--it will knock you out. A video of the bug happening: https://clips.twitch.tv/CuteDependableWalletTBTacoLeft A video proving it is inconsistent behavior: https://clips.twitch.tv/CloudyVictoriousBoarPJSugar Date Seen: 7th of February 2018 Server: Live server Error Message: N/A Other Information: N/A Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: N/A
  4. Date Seen:11th of December 2017 Server: Live Server Other Information: Video footage here: https://streamable.com/ndn42 Whilst reviving my friend he got killed and instead of returning me to my normal voluptuous state I was stuck in the revive position with the revive camera angles and revive "movement animations". Furthermore I was also unable to use WASD to move relative to the direction I was facing and it seemed to instead insist I was facing--I believe--North, at least one of the cardinal directions. Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried to enter and then exit a vehicle but that did not fix anything. I was able to drive around in the vehicle but as soon as I exited the vehicle I was returned to this crippling state. Error Message: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: N/A https://streamable.com/ndn42
  5. It is caused by hackers looting the crates before they even hit the ground.
  6. You don't need to use the same key for jump and crouch to go through windows without breaking them. It just makes it easier.
  7. What do you think should happen if you pull the pin on a grenade and then get knocked to the ground? Should the grenade with the pin removed magically become a grenade with the pin still in it or should it disappear completely or go on vacation until he's revived or killed by other means? This is not a gameplay bug.
  8. Sometimes when the third circle closes and displays the fourth circle (in white) the damage dealt by the gas is overwhelming, something like triple or quadruple what it usually is. Here in these two clips you can see what the normal damage is: https://streamable.com/fmod1 https://streamable.com/xez3p This is the damage dealt by this circle and you can see on the map that it is indeed the same circle as in this clip: https://streamable.com/a0hfm But for some inexplicable reason the damage dealt by the gas in the third clip, the exact same gas, is completely overwhelming. I have also had this happen at least one other time, in a Duos game a while back, not sure how long ago but definitely in this season. Date Seen:25th of August 2017, first seen weeks ago Server: Live server Other Information: Confirmed to happen in both Duos and Squads. Can not confirm that it happens in Solos as it hasn't happened to me there (yet). Troubleshooting Attempted: Not applicable. Server-side problem. Launch Options: Not applicable. Server-side problem. System Specifications: Not applicable. Server-side problem.
  9. A) This game is so good most people would gladly pay more for it in hindsight. At $30 it is practically free. B) A server with a hundred or so people does not revolve around you. Of course it is going to start with or without your approval of your team composition. C) There is no penalty whatsoever for leaving at any point before the timer strikes zero--e.g. if you did not get into the airplane it is as though you were never there at all.
  10. The parachute did not drop you too early nor unusually. It dropped you at the same height it always does relative to the surface below you which in this case was the ledge of that building. As you can see in the attached screenshot you were as high up from that ledge as you normally would be when the parachute disappears. Since your momentum is maintained when the parachute releases you you were unable to land on the ledge and fell to the side of the building.
  11. You're aiming behind their neck. At the very best that should be a 50/50 hit. Honestly it simply shouldn't be a hit. This is not a gameplay bug. Improve your aim.
  12. @Fast and Serious: You seem to have misread my post. The problem isn't that the map zooms when zeroing is changed it is that zeroing is always changed when the map is zoomed if you have a gun equipped that is capable of zeroing. I.e. whenever you have a gun equipped that has a reticle that can zero in and out and open the map and use MWHEELDOWN and MWHEELUP to zoom in or out on the minimap it will also change the zeroing on the gun. You can easily test this theory by having the zeroing set to 200m, opening the minimap and zooming once. When you close the minimap and scope in to display the current zeroing it will have changed to either 100m or 300m.
  13. I have the zeroing bound to the mouse wheel and I did it by editing the config file. The problem is that if you do that the map zoom will also be affecting your zeroing even if the map is open. I recently reported that bug here on these forums and until that is fixed it's probably not worth the hassle to get used to zeroing on the mouse wheel.
  14. This sub-forum is for issues that directly affect gameplay. This does not directly affect gameplay.
  15. Title says it all, really. When you bind either of those wheel motions to e.g. change zeroing they will be activated even with the map open--effectively making a single input do two things which shouldn't happen. In other words using the zoom function on the map will also be messing up your zeroing. This is especially frustrating since you can't bind the map-zooming to any other keys and I've already gotten in the habit of using the wheel for zeroing. I would very much appreciate a fix. While the map is open zooming should be the only function of those wheel motions.
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