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  1. Actual: After i was ran over by my own motorcycle i died from falling after i stopped on an edge area near the water. Expected: The character should not be ran over by his motorcycle in that case and should not die from falling. Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the application 2. Join any game 3. Search the two seated motorcycle 4. Stop on side of the edgy ground near the water or something simmilar 5. Observe that the motorcycle might run over the character which will die from falling
  2. Actual: After a HE Grenade has been partially avoided the character died due to falling because the blast of the grenade pushed the character sideways to it's death. Expected: The character should not be tossed sideways if the grenade is dodged partially. Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the application 2. Join a duo game 3. Throw grenades to each other trying to dodge them 4. Observe that sometimes the character dies because of the blast push
  3. Actual: After another player has been successfully killed with an M416 an attempt on reloading the weapon has been tried. It was observed that, the extended mag has been drag and dropped on the other M416 but on the previous M416 (first slot) had the same amount of bullets, 40 without the extended mag. For a more detailed explication please see the attachment screenshot and the following video : Expected: The ammo on the M416 without the extended mag should be reduced to the maximum allowed amount (30 bullets). Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the application 2. Join any game (this happened at duos) 3. Pick up two M416 weapons 4. Use one single extended mag on one of the weapons and reload the gun 5. Drag and drop the extended mag on the other weapon and reload the other gun too 6. Observe that both of the guns have 40 bullets using a single extended mag. PS: This issue has been observed only with M416 so far and only if the player has two M416 equipped. If the mag is swapped from an M416 to an AKM or viceversa the bullets reset to 30.
  4. I was driving and suddenly some1 was shooting at me. I was looking towards the area where i was shot at and no1 was there. After that i saw that there are shot fires passing through top the wall of a house. I could not see the enemy even with a 4x and the distance was not so big, i could easily kill him, but the house concrete was not rendering. When i moved closer to the bulding i saw that on that side of the building on the top of it, there was a fence, but my 4x scope did not render that, instead it was looking like it was wall. I also uploaded a video explication on youtube at the following link, i will try to find that house again and to prove my point better. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKP5lP2Der8&feature=youtu.be
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