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  1. Currently, many people are playing only squads (1m-/2m-/3m-/full-squads) for Survival Points (-> end of season rewards). With current system it doesn't make sense to play multiple queues, cause every queue has it's own Survival Points. And if you're usually playing all modes, you better just focus on squads for now. It's not a carefully thought out reward system IMO.
  2. I think if they switch from a non-ranking to a ranking system, they will of course reset everyone and set them even. Even if they keep running a non-ranking system for the next season, everything would reset, just like it's done with seasons. Everything else would be stupid.
  3. 1x from player lootbox or 2x from care package is the limit afaik. you don't have to exaggerate
  4. un1ty

    Help me choosing monitor!

    both monitors are FREESYNC, not gsync. so their sync function is for amd video cards. for nvidia cards, like yours, you'd need a gsync monitor for that sync to function. my preference is: min. 27" min. 144hz max. 1ms min. 1440p (wqhd)
  5. IIRC, suppressor also reduces muzzle flash, while comps don't. However, my preferred front attachments look like that: Primary (close to mid): SMG/AR: Comp > Suppressor > Flash Hider Secondary (mid to range): AR/DMR: Suppressor > Comp * > Flash Hider SR: Suppressor > Flash Hider > Comp * only if no one else from my team needs that compensator for their primary. Most times someone still needs one, so I end up using FH over Comp here in most situations.
  6. un1ty

    Rework Care Packages

  7. un1ty

    Rework Care Packages

    Don't know who thinks that or not, but as Biochemikas said, many if not most players just don't care about such details. It's called m4(16) ingame, so it's being called m4 in voice. Doesn't mean people think it's the american M4 carbine or whatever
  8. un1ty

    Auto-switch Auto/burst mode

    Of course it is, but still a disadvantage. No one will keep single fire as standard on smgs and AR (except m16 or mutant) as soon as it goes live. Cause no one wants to be at a disadvantage, you know?
  9. un1ty

    Auto-switch Auto/burst mode

    It´s one more button to press (1-2 times depending on weapon), so some people find it annoying. Not sure what there needs to be explained. But what I don't agree with is when ppl say it won't affect those who don't (like to) use the new setting. Because that is just wrong. If you don't use it, you are at a disadvantage.
  10. un1ty

    dive 10m into ice cold water

    I´m 99% sure you have to dive 10m deep. Cause I also tried to dive 10+m wide in shallow water and it didn't count.
  11. Can you somehow enforce to get that "rejoin" thing? As for me it only shows up after a game crash, but not when leaving a game on purpose. I´m not asking in regard to packet loss, but in general.
  12. How about Hold breath on F ? Being in ADS/scope-stance you can't freelook anyway.
  13. un1ty

    Change maintaince time....

    #showtooltip /use [@Lightning4K] Soothe
  14. I´m at 107 now and bought everything for coupons except the scarf and the arctic Scar skin, cause I just don't get enough blue coupons. I think I have around 6 or 7 right now, but need 24 to buy both remaining coupon items. But on the other hand I have already 20+ each of the white and yellow ones, which I can't use anymore. If you could exchange them for the blue ones at least... but no
  15. If they implement useful fixes/suggestions/improvals, it's reward enough, don't you think? Or, what did you expect ... 5 bucks per idea?
  16. un1ty

    RANKS - Please fix better

    Were the season skins announced or leaked already? As ingame you can only see skin symbols for the rank rewards.
  17. un1ty

    500Km Buggy Mission Week 2

    Still have ~230km to go by buggy. Don't really play "buggy matches". If I find one on the way, I'll take it. Done the mirado mission, just to receive a challenge where I have to drive 10 further minutes by mirado 😝
  18. un1ty

    Melee combat

    Yeah you said that, but your whole posting(s) in this thread sound a bit like the opposite. Like: Who the f cares about melee? Leave me alone with your stupid suggestion. Devs have more important stuff to improve Your sentence can also be understood as "As long as the improvement you suggest is for the mechanics that matter (percentage high enough), I´m not against it. But Melee is just not important enough to be improved". Maybe I just misunderstood you 😛 English is not the native language for both of us I assume. For me at least it's not.
  19. un1ty

    Is Skorpion a handgun?

    I mean, if they don't want Sawed-off and Scorpion (and Glock?) to count, they could just write down the names of the counting or not counting guns. It doesn't matter how many hands you need to hold them Hell, in PUBG you can even hold an AWM or SKS in one hand, in the backseat of a Jetski for example.
  20. un1ty

    Is Skorpion a handgun?

    IMO every gun in the HANDGUN slot should count for a HANDGUN mission... but who am I 🙄
  21. un1ty

    Melee combat

    So your logic is: We shouldn't want or suggest improvements to parts of the game, the percentage of which is lower than X? What is X then? No one wants it to be Mortal Kombat ^^
  22. un1ty

    New Lobby. Any plans?

    Exactly. I always hoped it would be replaced by a better version once it left EA, but it just didn't. So I´m curious if they´re planning to overhaul that thing at all... somewhen...
  23. Hey, I did a quick search, but didn't find info on that, so... ...are there plans to replace the current lobby with a new/fast one? I mean the lobby before matchmaking starts. I´m asking as the current lobby is so so so superslow, at least for my friends and me. For example it takes forever to load the wardrobe and it's sub-categories, let alone change any clothes. The whole thing just doesn't react to clicks like one would expect from a game in 2019. Or do I just have "too many" skins meanwhile? I mean, is my lobby slower with many skins than it would be on a fresh account? If that is the problem, can the devs improve on that somehow? It shouldn't matter how many skins you have in terms of "lobby speed". But IIRC, it was already like that when I started playing and had just base skins. cheers
  24. un1ty

    Competitive Play

    I´ve heard from faceit, but never used that.