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  1. un1ty

    Competitive Play

    I´ve heard from faceit, but never used that.
  2. Hey, I did a quick search, but didn't find info on that, so... ...are there plans to replace the current lobby with a new/fast one? I mean the lobby before matchmaking starts. I´m asking as the current lobby is so so so superslow, at least for my friends and me. For example it takes forever to load the wardrobe and it's sub-categories, let alone change any clothes. The whole thing just doesn't react to clicks like one would expect from a game in 2019. Or do I just have "too many" skins meanwhile? I mean, is my lobby slower with many skins than it would be on a fresh account? If that is the problem, can the devs improve on that somehow? It shouldn't matter how many skins you have in terms of "lobby speed". But IIRC, it was already like that when I started playing and had just base skins. cheers
  3. un1ty

    Week 2 mission failed.

    edit: google fail deal 500 dmg to enemies in a single match. you're right.
  4. My theory is they added them to Vikendi world spawn so more people get to use their newly obtained lvl3 helmet skin. And after that season they'll remove it from world spawn again.
  5. The overall tab ingame contains all seasons that are listed in the same dropdown menu I think. Not sure though.
  6. un1ty

    Bikes, in a solo game

    Maybe you know there's a sniper aiming for your head and just waiting to pull the trigger the moment you get on that bike. Then you'd maybe decide to jump on the rear seat first, then switch to driver seat and be gone unscathed
  7. Me and others by buying skins we like directly. Not through that crate BS gambling system.
  8. un1ty

    G36C on Erangel?

    Maybe you like Coke, Fries and Cheeseburgers of both of them and you like the seats at McDonald's, but you just can't stand the BigMac. So does that one burger enrage you that much about McD while you like the majority of the other McD food? Would you just order something else than a BigMac and call it a day? Or would you complain at McD why the hell they don't sell you a Whopper? ^^
  9. un1ty

    G36C on Erangel?

    Also if I´m an eater who loves the Whopper and hates the BigMac what am I have to do eat at McDonald's (that's a random example btw.) ?
  10. un1ty

    Week 5 missions

    It should work when your mates knock someone and you finish him with punches. It should work when you knock someone with punches and your mates finish him with whatever. It should work when you knock someone with punches and then finish him with punches aswell. I think it will not work if YOU knock someone with something else than punches and then finish him with punches yourself.
  11. un1ty

    Week 5 missions

    It´s way more fun driving over not-afks. Just grab a vehicle, drive where shots are and surprise one of them Maybe even more than one if you're lucky. You can even combine that one with buggy/mirado ones.
  12. un1ty

    Week 5 missions

    I was already wondering when the first W5 mission thread would start All of them are doable within normal play. 30x Top30 solo are meh for me as I don't like playing solo. But it's okay. Could be worse
  13. IMO pubg should get rid of crates altogether. Except those tasty ingame airdrops ofc
  14. un1ty

    FPS drop on vikendi?

    Yeah it seems like the more people nearby (friends or foes), the worse the fps. While this is "normal" behaviour of course, on Vikendi it's noticeable for me, while on other maps it's not.
  15. un1ty

    items spawn late and early looting

    Unfortunately it happens to me often enough to notice and keep in mind. But not in every game. Specs are: 4670k @ 4,2Ghz gtx 1070 16gb ram ssd Location: Well, it can happen in every location from what I can say. Can't limit it to specific ones. Most noteable for me are these connected stone buildings of which one side is open and the other has another floor and a roof with loot (we're lovingly calling them "Klotz"). So after landing on said roof, loot is never there instantly. And cause I 100% know there is ALWAYS loot on these roofs, I wait for 2-5 (?) seconds before jumping down. I´d be fine with loot spawn right on landing. While best would be to see it while still in the air, but that is probably too much expectation, right?