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  1. When are you opening partnership applications again? Applications for select regions are open now until December 3rd, 2018. To apply please visit: https://www.pubg.com/partners/ Remind me again, what are the benefits to being a PUBG Partner? The PUBG Partnership program is designed for established content creators who are brand ambassadors for the game. They have priority support from their regional Partnerships teams. Partners receive perks and benefits in and out of the game. In-game Partner exclusive items Codes to share Partner exclusive physical goods Revenue Sharing Program VIP Party invites What are the requirements for the Partnerships Program? Content creator on livestream or pre-recorded video platforms A history of PUBG content on the channel Community leadership A good role model An established community Great Audience engagement Social media presence and impact Minimum recommended requirements: Pre recorded video content with 5,000 or more average video views OR Live streaming content with 150 or more average concurrent viewers (sustained over time) AND 20% of your content is PUBG related Will I automatically be accepted into the program if I meet or exceed the minimum viewership requirement? No, you must also fulfill the content requirement and show that you are involved as a leader within the PUBG community. I’m a partner on my content creation platform or a Twitch affiliate, does this mean automatic acceptance into the program? No, you must apply during the open application process and your application will be vetted by the team. I play and stream on Xbox, is there a separate program for me? No separate program, we base your application off your content creation not your gaming platform. There is more than one of us who work on the channel, can we all get Partnership? If you’re part of a channel where multiple people play at the same time then you’re eligible for Partnership with one application. (an example of this would be couple streams) If you’re part of a channel where multiple people play different games at different times on the same channel each person would need to apply separately to show a history of individual PUBG content. (an example of this would be a streaming house) I missed the deadline, can you make an exception? No, to be fair to all applicants who applied on time, we are not able to make exceptions. Is the PUBG Partnerships Program exactly the same world wide? Although we try to make everything as similar as possible, each region has its own Partnerships team and not every activation or benefit will be the same in every region.
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