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  1. Sadly cant running single destroys my card, need to upgrade but not really ready to yet as SLI picks up the slack just doesnt run well with PUBG yet. just wanted to highlight the glitches.
  2. I use a Microsoft LX 3000 but my friends headset was a Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset, got the same issue with both sets. I thought it might of just been a computer issue but it happened on both sets, also wondering if it maybe has something to do with SLI running too but I cant really test it long enough as running with one card is just too hot for my 780 even on low everything.
  3. So I have ruled out any other issue now after a couple of weeks of testing different setups and using a friends headset. It seems when entering / or when leaving the plane at the start of the game changes my headsets sound, right becomes left and left becomes right. This also happen during a redzone audio crash, sometimes when the redzone hits I get a a loud crackle and then the redzone noise stops after which my headset sound has again been switched. This doesnt happen all the time for either plane or redzone but is an issue, I thought for a while it was just a computer issue but ive tested every other game and computer setting with no issues at all in any of them.
  4. Just to update, no game I have played since my last post as been recorded for me, solo, duo or squad. Missing about 10 or so games maybe more now.
  5. No stats have been recording for Duo or Squad for the last 4 hours, not seen anyone else mention it but ive played 2 duos, 5 squad games and have not got any + or - stats from them.
  6. Just got killed by someone who drove a car underwater, changed seats and then shot me a few times killing me. I do have a clip and will upload it later on.
  7. Also if it was you that merged my thread again im rather disappointed you didnt read my thread, it explained why it shouldnt be merged and asked everyone not to merge it. It is not a bug, it is not stats failing to record but rather an issue of games not even issuing a single point for games. Maybe put my thread back?
  8. I did have a screenshot of pubgtracker but forgot to save it. Its not so much a bug but rather it seems points given are just 0.XX so you gain 0 points. I found that my 7th place finish actually gained me 0.0X points. then there are games that have -0.05 so they are not actually missing, I would think this is the reason a lot of other people are thinking they are missing games too. I have no idea how a 7th place finish can gain only 0.XX points and 3rd gaining 12 - 11 points twice, die at the start though and its 50+ points lost. system needs overhauling before actual release, think ill make a thread on the ranking system at some point soon because ive noticed some really awful things about the current one.
  9. Please do not merge this with another thread of stats not recording, this is a different issue, the stats are recording but the rank points are 0 The other day I finished 7th and gained 0 points yet the stats, kills, boosts heals etc all updated, I checked pubgtracker and found that I had gained 0.07 points for coming 7th.
  10. Ok and now I played a game came second and got 2 points...
  11. Just had another game I came 14th, didnt show, then the one right after came 6th, not recorded.
  12. Played another game and crashed, was currently 44th with 3 kills nothing shown up for it three games later.
  13. Twitch highlight Items are not spawning correctly, i get down onto a roof, hang around for 4 seconds and nothing there, come back 20 seconds later and there is a bag + smoke. I run into a building and there is no gun there, I turn round and a guy is chasing me with a gun from the house I just left. I enter a house and look round nothing there, go upstairs then come back down, there are weapons, energy drinks the lot.
  14. Just played a game and got 0 points for a 7th place finish with 0 kills. I played two games before and finished 3rd in both, first game I got 12 points with 2 kills and the second I got 11 points with 0 kills. I just dont understand how you get 0 points from a 7th place finish yet lose 50 + when you die at the start while you have no gun VS gun.
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