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  1. Why is it with a 4x on ak that it seems like the scope is almost bobbling off the gun. There is kick to guns but it doesn't effect the scope as much as it does the gun. You guys may want to take a look at the bobblehead 4x on the AK. after 1st shot it feels like scope is detatching from the AK, Feel like it needs to be reconfigured with more up kick and less bibble bobble.
  2. Circle ended quarry, 1 half up cliff, another at bottom. I was completely screwed because of the fact that I could not get up the cliff. The guy legit just had to sit there while circle closed on him leading to me dying. These cliffs may need to be more on the hill side that way we can get up them.
  3. Would not let me use my mic. Its plugged in fine- My whole team is asia, Dont know if that some how has a strict NAT effect like xbox/ps4 did.
  4. He never healed it was all within one gunfight!
  5. Do whatever it was you guys did to fix it.
  6. All it does is kick players out in pochinki. Just non stop redzones. Kicked me out I come back thinking my guns exactly the way it was on auto and I get in close gun fight holding left click-only one bullet comes out. Tell me what do redzones do in this game? I run through them all the time it doesn't make it so players can push me because I can still hear them fine while its going on. Redzones are the biggest fails-Only time I got downed to them was when I was inside a building.
  7. Why am I getting cut parachute in between building and losing 90% of my health. If you drop from those buildings you only lose a bit. Lets fix these tiny mistakes. You should be getting stuck in trees not buildings.
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