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  1. Like it seems a lot of other people, I am also experiencing frequent and debilitating freezes, stutters, frame drops, and bottlenecking frequently during the game. The freezes are anywhere from half a second to 5 seconds and seem to happen mostly when I'm looking through a longer range scope and strafing in and out of cover so it's going back and forth between rendering medium range scenery and close range. However, it also happens when just running through buildings early game, mid-game, and less so during late game. Specs for sake of whatever. Old system and not great, but again, I didn't have these issues since EA and now they're back. After the game started becoming optimized, I usually had a relatively comfortable 40-70 fps. It still hangs there when it's not freezing constantly. CPU: AMD8150 3.61GHz GPU: GTX 960 Ram: 16gb
  2. Update for this: As of today on the test server, it seems this bug no longer occurs.
  3. Putting my name on this as well, as Alt is my discord speak key. It also prevents you from performing a few other tasks, such as marking locations while being held. This is a major issue for me on top of a growing list of keybind related issues that are being reported and not fixed.
  4. Confirming this report. 50-75% decrease depending on system and settings.
  5. This seems to happen with random occurrence. Sometimes I'll vault out of a window with my weapon drawn and it won't come back up. The weapon will stay holstered as if I hit my unequip key. I've only started seeing it with this new update that included the Beryl.
  6. Can confirm. I use right shift to jump, and /? to vault. I can only ever do the default vault.
  7. As you can see in this screenshot, I have observer mode Cam Zoom-In and Cam Zoom-Out bound to the mousewheel; up and down respectively. However, I have to constantly rebind Cam Zoom Out. Every single time I start the game up, that bind is totally cleared. I only noticed this about a month ago in the test server and it seems to have carried over to live. I did not notice this issue before.
  8. Now that these are actually separate behaviors (Brightness/Reticle Style), at least with the upcoming patch, this is no longer an issue. This can be marked closed or resolved or whatevs.
  9. The action for zooming and unzooming the x8 and x15 scopes while in ADS. I messed up in my first post and said but I meant Both behaviors are bound to mousewheel. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. I've been trying to find topics about this, it's been happening more frequently to me as well. I can't provide any video evidence or surefire steps to reproduce, but I *only* experience it in squad games. My educated guess is that it has to do with teammate's footsteps sounds propagating near you as I only hear it when my squadmates are out of hearing distance and running. Can anyone confirm for sure that they've heard it outside of squads or when no squadmates are remaining?
  11. This could potentially be intended to reduce third person quick-scoping abuse.
  12. I posted this topic before, not sure where it went, seems to be archived, but the bug still exists. Both behaviors are default bound to mousekey, but if you try rebinding them, you can't use the same key for both behaviors, even though there is never an instance where they would conflict.
  13. I've never been able to watch a replay without it crashing. Whether it's minutes after or 20 hours after. It crashes while in the loading screen. Trying to send a crash report, I get the same error PurpleMango stated here:
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