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  1. I've had walls missing so I could see inside buildings. It's unfair and if it's happening to me it could be happening elsewhere
  2. I'm not sure, the game crash reporter appears, and I sent one report. I've tried 5matches since then and they've all crashed, so I skipped reporting those ones.
  3. Going into true fullscreen causes my game to crash. I also have been getting drastically varied FPS performance. This, and in combination of having to close and reopen the game (which I can't do in true fullscreen because it won't surrender to crtl+esc or even respond to alt+f4. I've spent 5 hours trying to get my system to run the game (I have an older setup, AMD HD7700, i5-750 processor) and it gets more frustrating the longer I have to try and get the game to run. I spend 10 minutes in a match looting to either have the game crash, or have too low FPS to win gunfights.
  4. Every time I die during a match and hit the "Exit To Lobby" button my game freezes. I have to quit and restart PUBG after every match to play.
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