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  1. Thanks. I suspect that several (but not all) instances of that building type may suffer from the same problem.
  2. This is just one of the more glaring examples of a design defect that affects all weapons. If you and an enemy fire shots at each other at roughly the same time but your enemy's shot hits you and deals lethal damage to you before your shot hits the enemy, then your shot will do no damage to the enemy even though it hits the enemy and draws blood. The proper design would cause both you and your enemy to die (unless you and your enemy were the last two players, in which case your enemy would win the round as soon as you died). Some games allow kills to be traded in this manner, and others don't (currently including PUBG); however, a game like PUBG that has ballistic modeling absolutely should, despite the inevitable cries to the contrary that will come from casual players and Bluehole whiteknights that defend other design defects simply because they were intentional.
  3. The stats are sometimes counted for a round that the player didn't even play in.
  4. It is possible for the "play zone" to include parts of the map that are invisi-walled off so that players cannot reach them. It is even possible for the circle to be truncated because it extends off the edge of the map itself. These issues cause the play zone to be artificially smaller than it should be.
  5. Here's a crazy idea...in a first-person shooter, guns should actually do damage as intended. 1. Enemy rounds the corner and starts firing. 2. I shoot him pointblank, center-of-mass with a shotgun (enough to kill him regardless of helmet level, armor level, combination of head / body / limb hits, or lunar phase). Note that the gun has fired because the ammo has decremented by 1. 3. The shot hits him, drawing massive amounts of blood. He lives, because PUBG. He continues to fire and knocks me out. 4. (not pictured) My teammate pushes before the enemy has time to heal and shoots him several times with a Vector, and my teammate dies, because PUBG again. 5. (not pictured) I am credited with 18 "hit points" at the end of the round. My only other damage dealt was killing this enemy's teammate with a single shot from the same shotgun moments before (in a different location and from farther away).
  6. Got stuck in this hole. Was so bugged that I couldn't aim down sights or use healing items.
  7. Ugh, the forums are as buggy as the game. First: Second:
  8. If I have the voice channel set to "team" or "none", I can still hear people spamming voice comms on the spawn island and in the plane. Muting the "master" volume doesn't have an effect. Thankfully, muting voice comms does, but I shouldn't have to mute voice comms if my channel isn't set to "all".
  9. As you can see, the player behind that wall is exposing 1/4-1/3 of the left side of his body. Yet he's able to shoot me in the very next frame (note that his gun isn't even showing yet).
  10. I noticed that if I try to drag the ammo from the ground into my inventory while holding the split key, it doesn't work; however, if I right-click the the ammo while holding the split key, it does. You might give that a try.
  11. OS: WIndows 10 64-bit Processor: Core i7-7700 System Memory: 16GB Graphics: GTX 1060 6GB DirectX: 12 Network: 30Gbps fiber Storage: 512GB Intel SSD 600p Bind TAB to the map function and see for yourself.
  12. This game never actually happened... Note the ZERO distance traveled while being alive for two minutes, which would be impossible unless I was AFK at the start of the round and didn't move -- and that has never happened. I can only assume that this anomaly had something to do with the server (E71C48) crash/timeout that happened at roughly the same time (though that round had definitely been going for more than two minutes before the server died).
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