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  1. Queue times for OCE are currently abysmal and when playing a week ago, ONLY Sahnok came up to play. I didn't see Erangel or Miramar once and when Mini Royale was deselected then it returned to infinite queuing times again. (I was playing mid-late evening NZ time when OCE should have been fairly popular) This means that either there are very few players in OC playing 8x8 maps or the matchmaking is broken. It would be a massive help to see what the demand is by play option. That would give players hard facts to select an option that suits their needs, if they want faster matchmaking they copy the majority, if they prefer a less popular play option then expect long queue times. Watching the matchmaking circle spin over and over in the hope of a game really is inhumane torture. There are 12 possible play options per region if you include TPP/FPP, Battle Royale/Mini Royale, Solo/Duo/Squad. The number of options then continue to multiply once you factor in skill based and ping based matchmaking. If a demand graphic doesn't work then it must be because there are too many play options so remove map selection and regional server choice. Only allow FPP/TPP and Solo/Duo/Squad selection to be made manually and the game should request a list of server pings from all players queued once they manually select a play option. Then 100 players with the same play option and similar pings are queued together. If there are enough players with similar ping then filter based on skill. It might mean that players are not necessarily playing to the server with the best ping for them, but it does mean that all players should be all fairly evenly disadvantaged. Finally, if nothing else, please ditch the matchmaking circle and replace it with a timer showing how long you have been queuing for. At least that way it feels like something is progressing instead of a possible matchmaking crash and you are sitting their waiting when you could be restarting the game. PS - I'm not a throw the toys out of the cot kind of a guy, but our squad have actually had to quit playing until something does change in matchmaking. Our squad were regularly wasting an hour or more trying to matchmake and not even getting a single game. I'm hanging out to come back and play some more - but I can't until I'm sure I'll get at least half a dozen games in a night.
  2. Sad but probably true. Although I have tried matchmaking mixing it up with different regions, player group, map and perspectives, yet none seem to matchmake very fast - if at all. I've found that typically the fastest in OS server is squad/mini royale/TPP. It would be nice to be able to log in to a website and see the demand for each branch of choices because sometimes I'll just play whatever it takes to have a game. (does anyone know if there is such a thing?) I did lose my shit last night and give up trying after 15 minutes and played something else all night instead.
  3. FYI servers closed ~ 16 hours ago. When are the servers opening? Open: April 2nd 7PM PDT / April 3rd 4AM CEST / April 3rd 11AM KST Close: April 5th 4AM PDT / April 5th 1PM CEST / April 5th 8PM KST Would be good to know if/when they are opening again or is Savage going straight to Test in the next day or two?
  4. Bloody top job on the map. It is a perfect length game. Any shorter would feel like CSGO and any longer you would feel that annoyance of being killed at your first encounter after 20 minutes of not seeing anyone while loooting/running into the circle. The lag in picking up weapons at the beginning is annoying though. There may even be too much loot to choose from but I like the options that the amount of loot provides.
  5. KKtrips

    Jukebox :)

    Time for me to share some shit. I love all kinds of music. My music selection is probably hard to peg but I'm an 80's fan since forever, seeing as I grew up in that era plus I was metal head once I discovered that my parents hated it (25 years ago), then about 5 years ago I got into electronic music, I don't even know how. This all culminated in the triumvirate of Synthwave which is a little from each of my favourite genre's. So hopefully you will like a little selection from each of my faves. I hope to check in regularly and discover some new tunes, I've already added a good dozen to my various playlists from listening to the tracks posted here. Love it! 80's - Metal - Electronic - Synthwave - This last one will be the most brutal thing you have ever seen/heard in your life. I swear to god that it is the best 90 seconds I have ever had. I'm just glad it was spent watching and listening to this.
  6. KKtrips

    Jukebox :)

    Holy shit, that was amazing. Looking for some ultimate Scooter tracks to compliment this.
  7. KKtrips

    Jukebox :)

    Just found my new favourite spot on the internet. I'm working my way through each post one by one. Trying to listen to everything unless it's utterly unbearable.
  8. I have heard through the jungle drums that there is a bottomless pit of cheap PUBG licenses available in internet cafe's. All it takes is someone playing in an internet cafe to get banned, the player goes to the counter and buys a new account for $5 or something, they are up and running again before the game they were in has finished. Now if there were literally BP farms as has been suggested, then all it takes is one of these BP farms to present themselves as an internet cafe and they get the same deal on unlimited accounts for next to nothing. If the BP farm was efficient then the player only has to click a button on their desktop and they have a new account as quick as that. I'm not sure if I subscribe to the conspiracy theories surrounding BH being complicit in the action, but it certainly appears they are ignorant to the possible ways that their processes and sales program can be abused. However, in all honesty I am entirely sick of hearing about cheaters. Everyone is fully aware that there are cheaters and as much as it may be hard to admit to yourself, no matter how much players complain, whinge, threaten, boil, seethe or explode, Bluehole will fix cheating this when/as/if they can. It may never happen but BH is VERY aware of peoples thoughts about cheaters. Long story, short. Stop the asshole behaviour towards Bluehole and the devs/mods etc and let them do what they need to do. They are working on it as hard and fast as they can or want to. All you are doing is just getting up in the face of people who want to play the game.
  9. Stairs under stairs happen in real life too ya know.... Ask me how I know...
  10. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, I originally heard it in my headphones, so tried a second set of headphones and it was the same noise. I'm running it through my outdoors speaker in the video just because it was easier to record the audio and show it in relation to the game loading.
  11. Bug Description: I have an issue with static coming through my sound card whenever I load PUBG, it does not seem to have any effect when I am playing any other games or using any other software on my computer. Date Seen: Started yesterday - but I only installed the sound card yesterday - was previously running off the on-board sound (card is a brand new Sound Blaster Audigy FX) Server: Live Server Troubleshooting Attempted: I changed back to on-board sound and the buzzing went away - so I'm not entirely sure this is PUBG related, but the fact it does not do it on any other games or programs has me confused System Specifications: See attached screen grabs below. A video of the problem. I am open to the idea it may be a faulty card, but would be nice to ave some feedback here before I go in and embarrass myself in the shop having to swap it and look like a chump if it isn't the sound card.
  12. How do you change this option - I am clearly blind and want this option so bad. I'm used to ADS by holding.
  13. Swim to the main island, it's possible if you start right away and as long as the circle is somewhat on the east side.
  14. I get it occasionally but normally its the result of me getting bored and alt-tabbing to other tabs while waiting for the round to start. The work around I have is to either click the left mouse button or press the alt button. My direction controls normally return after one or the other but mostly the mouse click does it.
  15. 2 things First, to fix the AFK /miners then auto eject from the plane when it is over the water. Then if someone dies without getting out of the water then they get zero points. Will also stop those killing the AFKers to boost their kill rating. Second, please don't ban for using a crouch jump macro. It hurts nobody and only helps those who are useless enough as it is (like me) and let's be honest, I probably need as much help as I can against you dexterous long fingered whipper snappers. Totally down with banning for recoil macros etc.
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