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  1. I had a game end on the beach the other day and my squad decided to beach both of our boats and use them as cover. We ended up winning because of it. Sometimes you just gotta think outside the box. It's tough when you have no vehicles and the zone is an open field near Pochinki or the beach near the pier though, but still doable.
  2. Very good point, sir/ma'am/cactus. I think white over water is very important. Crate drops in the ocean and using coastal and boat travel is imperative to get to certain places. God forbid the game bullies me so I HAVE to take the obviously trapped bridges between the main island and military base. I am a nautical lad, I take boats very often. Often I drop in places where boats spawn, just to take a boat before looting to drive it to a town away from the planes flight path. No white over water makes that a tough strat, and I really enjoy it. Down side: People camp on the other side of cliffs or behind rocks coming out of the water off the coast often and that's obnoxious and only cowards do it.
  3. So recently I've been having an issue when doing Duo and Squad matches, but never Solo. Buildings are shapeless with no details, and you can never find the door. I can however just phase through them and start rubber banding. This allows me to see completely through walls and floors, and pick up items, etc. What I recently learned, after landing on a roof somewhere, is I can see down and at everyone else in the building while in my perspective I'm hovering. I picked up a shotgun and my team mate got downed a couple floors below. So I just started shooting at where the enemies were, and I killed two. Through two floors down. My friends and I know we've been shot at like this, and after that happened we knew what must have occurred when it happened to us. I get these shapeless buildings every game of squad and about fifty percent of the time during Duo games. Not sure why never Solo. My friend suggest I get an SSD so I load faster, but my room mate and I have pretty decent computers and don't think we should have to shell out for an SSD just to install this game on. Is there any other fix to make buildings load in faster, or just be there already? If you could post a link where this is already being discussed, if it is already, that would be appreciated. Thanks!
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