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  1. MrHappyPenguin

    Redzone missions

    I think you need to exit the vehicle for it to register.
  2. MrHappyPenguin

    west coast servers ?

    It doesn't even have NA servers going by my wait time.
  3. This does not work. The first intro movie ignores the in game settings. I deleted the file as a workaround but this shouldn't be a requirement. It shouldn't even be in the game regardless. When I launch PUBG I want to play PUBG, not watch an ad for the map I'm trying to play.
  4. MrHappyPenguin

    Application Error After Exiting Game

    Still an issue.
  5. The audio volume of the intro video is extremely loud. The lobby and and in game are at normal levels, it's just the intro that's extremely loud. It should be lowered to the same levels as the rest of the game. Also, I would like the option to skip the intro entirely. It's pointless. It delays the game from loading.
  6. MrHappyPenguin

    S12K iron sight is misaligned

    Here is a recording. It easier to see with the duckbill equipped. https://youtu.be/bNGkAel-SI0
  7. MrHappyPenguin

    Foliage on Erangel turned down?

    They may have reduced the texture quality at some point, but it's actually had more foliage added since early access.
  8. MrHappyPenguin

    Foliage and no foilage depends

    Grass has a very short rendering distance regardless of graphics settings. This is intended to reduce GPU load, but as you see it has it's downside of not being able to use grass as cover. Small objects like garbage bags, furniture, etc stop rendering at much shorter distances, but their hitbox is still there. Buildings themselves switch to the low detail models at roughly 750M, regardless of graphics settings. The only thing rendering distance affects is how far you can see the buildings beyond 1000M. Players only render up to 1000M, so increasing rendering distance will not give you an advantage. Worst case it lowers your framerate.
  9. MrHappyPenguin

    S12K iron sight is misaligned

    Bug Description: The S12K's iron sight is misaligned. The pellets hit higher than where the sight is aiming. In the attached screenshot you can see the difference. I centered my aim on the bottom line. The red dot and hip fire are on the right, the iron sight is on the left. You can see the iron sight is hitting too high. Date Seen: 11/20/2018 Server: Test Server Troubleshooting Attempted: Swapped between hip firing, iron sight, and red dot. Hip fire and red dot are properly aligned. Iron sight is not. Other Information: None Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 1080 CPU: Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB
  10. MrHappyPenguin

    Question about shotguns:

    Shotguns are garbage. Only use them as a last resort. I don't get what's up with game devs making shotguns RNG cannons. They can be balanced and still be consistent, especially in a game like PUBG where we have armor to negate damage mid-late game. Every AR can kill players in 2-3 shots if aimed right, it doesn't make sense to have a shotgun be completely random balance wise.
  11. Bug Description: If you exit PUBG while disconnected from the servers, TslGame.exe sometimes will not close. It remains running in the background. It needs to be manually closed VIA task manager. Date Seen: 11/20/2018 Server: Live Troubleshooting Attempted: Verified files through Steam. Other Information: None. Launch Options: None. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 1080 CPU: Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB
  12. No, it's been exactly the same, as in they never fixed desync to begin with.
  13. MrHappyPenguin

    Hot Drops

    Because this is PUBG. The more players within range the lower your fps. The only fix is to play a different game.
  14. MrHappyPenguin

    How is this game so broken?

    What I've been seeing a lot after this last patch or two are players instant killing while in live play, but in the deathcam and replay they're shooting half their mag if not more before even landing a hit. It's like footstep sound not playing, only with guns not showing their shooting.