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  1. Footsteps have never worked right from the start. Most players are just used to it and pretend it's working fine.
  2. Bumping this old thread because it is still an issue. I did notice I get significantly less freezes while playing FPP. It's not a field of view issue because the same freezes occur while playing TPP in first person.
  3. I like that I can swap seats and not have the vehicle slam it's brakes. Maybe they could configure vehicles so they only apply the brake if no player is in the vehicle.
  4. You need to blow out your eardrums or use a cheat like an audio compressor to cap the louder sounds so you can crank the footstep volume higher. Footsteps can be heard from over 30M away, but they're extremely quiet until about 10M. HRTF is also completely broken with footsteps.
  5. 150ms would filter out the problem players from NA and SA, but I think it's too high for EU. Even with a VPN many parts of China will be under that. If we could at least set ping limits in custom matches that would be a huge improvement.
  6. 0 to 250, with it constantly fluctuating everywhere in between.
  7. It also sticks out through the front of the character too. The pan should be removed if they can't make a non buggy hitbox for it.
  8. NA 20-30. EU 80-100. 99% of my deaths are from players who don't have line of sight or don't take damage.
  9. Won't fix because they don't want to ban players intentionally playing outside their intended region. China makes them way too much money.
  10. Cheaters used to be able to shoot through terrain. The server 100% trusted the client if the client said it hit. I'm guessing this was changed at some point since I have not seen this exploit in quite some time. I've been shot through walls and smaller objects, but this is most likely lag compensation being screwy. Flying vehicles are still a thing, so some stuff is still client sided.
  11. That's exactly how PUBG Corp. interpenetrated it.. A while back they make TAB looting just as slow as pressing F, and didn't understand why there was so much backlash. They decided to revert the change instead of doing what the players asked for to begin with.
  12. The official servers run like crap, they overcompensate for lag, and players are allowed to connect with a max of about 2000ms latency. On top of it, a specific region purposely use VPNs to bypass the loosely enforced ping based match making. The only way to get somewhat consistent gameplay is to play on faceit servers, but this splits the playerbase which increases matchmaking time for the official servers.
  13. Here's screenshots showing what the issue is. Post-processing is set to very low, but ambient occlusion is still enabled. You can tell by the dark areas in the corner of the room. This negatively affects fps.
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