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  1. This was ALL 3 squad members crashing at different times when they passed the same point of the bridge. One was even taking meds so he crossed 10 seconds later. But still crashed. I will remember that for next time. Thx!
  2. Hello, Our whole squad crashed one by one when we passed the same spot on the Georgopol bridge (the one connecting the North and South part of the town). It happend right before we exited the bridge on the south side.
  3. Sounds like that could be the same thing. My guess would be that it still registers the knocked/dead guy from sitting in the seat after getting knocked/killed.
  4. We knocked a guy sitting in the backseat of a buggy and wanted to take the buggy, but none of us could enter the backseat. We could not switch from drive to backseat either.
  5. Hey, I somehow got the car stuck between 2 walls and it seems like it just kept crashing back and forth between the walls until it exploded. Here is the clip:
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