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  1. No, sorry but if I detect it again I'll save that particular savegame file and will send it to you
  2. -OSP-Harkon-XX

    Weapon fire mode option is not working

    I confirm this happens mostly when a second weapon is taken and from that it happens to almost any weapon you take later
  3. -OSP-Harkon-XX

    Challenge mission from week 7 it's bugged

    There is a post in reddit about it with video included
  4. Amunition not displaying properly, the total numberof bullets remaining switches to different if you change weapons even being the same ammo type, also when reloading it doesnt change properly
  5. Challenge mission from week 7 it's bugged, one of my mates tried it yesterday 3 times matching all conditions, even winning one of the matches and mission didn't appear as done
  6. The new feature "pre-set the firing mode of any firearm you pick up." doens't work correctly, sometines the second weapon you take doesnt set itself to AUTO fire mode even having being selected in menu, this mostly happens with AKM more than other weapons but has happened to me with QBZ too.
  7. Last today patch (update 25 has made 21:9 lobby screen support to not work, now its in 16:9 only
  8. -OSP-Harkon-XX

    Weapon parts not shown in inventory

    I confirm this happens frequently
  9. Current build in game defaults at start in "Windowed Fullscreen" mode even in settings it shows native "Fullscreen" (I know it's in "Windowed Fullscreen" because if I ALT+TAB the game doesn't minimize, it only does it when in native "fullscreen") I already posted it several days ago in PUBG subreddit and it's still happening https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/a5rj49/if_you_have_fps_drops_in_vikendi_its_because_game/ This is causing massive FPS stuttering for lots of people and major complains about current performance and it's simply wortkarounded by ALT+Enter twice or by changing screen mode and reverting back to native "Fullscreen" mode. This problem was in TEST servers and in current PRODUCTION/LIVE servers. Just fix that and people will stop complaining about performance in game or at least most of those complains will stop
  10. Seriously Blue Hole, how do you pretend to fix things if the crash report tool doesn't even work when game crashes This crash os continuously happening randomly each 2 or 3 games and cannot even send you my crash report because it crashes too DxDiag.txt
  11. -OSP-Harkon-XX

    Full hardware crash while playing squad matches

    Has happened again, seriously is very anoying because can't even connect again to same match so obviously is a problem with the gamne that is not even detecting that I'm currelty in a match. Also the report tool doesn't work, it gives an error when trying to upload it when the game simply crashes to desktop (if it crash to desktop it is possibñe to reconnect to match)
  12. -OSP-Harkon-XX

    Full hardware crash while playing squad matches

    This is still happening to me and it's very annoying as it happens mid game, now even un Solo mode, obviously I can not continue playing as I try to go back to game and it's not possible
  13. Bug Description: First it didn't happen at all playing duos but last night I have been playing squads and began to happen, suddenly computer freezes completely, primary screen goes red and secondary is with analogic interferences and then I have to restart whole PC It happens twice in each match, mostly if there are people around, as told before it does not happens in duos, at least for the momment. Also I have little hiccups while playing in FPS (FPS goes down a lot), it didn't happen before the update, Date Seen: 03/05/2018 after update #12 Server: Live Servers Troubleshooting Attempted: I have verified files and deleted steam download cache Other Information: My mates playing with me had no crashes while playing in same match Launch Options: None System Specifications: Ryzen 7 1700X (no OC, stock speed) Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 (LATEST F23d BIOS with Spectre protection and AGESA microcode) Sapphire Radeon Nitro Plus RX 480 OC 8GB GDDR5 (Latest 18.4.1 AMD drivers) G.Skill Trident Z 2x8 (16 GB) @ 3200Mhz CL 14 Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB Latest Windows 10 x64 updated with Spring Creators update version 1803
  14. Please fix this or remove the sidecar from game until fixed, it is still happening today with latest patch version https://clips.twitch.tv/AggressiveSourGoatFailFish
  15. -OSP-Harkon-XX

    Pixelate red dot sight / scopes

    Nope, I have screen scale to 100% and I have the problem with Holo and x2 and it happens sometimes, not always PD: also full AMD user