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  1. TheWookieWay

    Running bug? HELP!

    your keyboard may not be "bad" but it may be the way it is set. Get the manual for it, and check it out.
  2. The longer the servers are up, the greater the increase in desync. it's been this way for 2 years
  3. TheWookieWay

    From auto to single bug

    this happens more than just the way you "think" it does. It often happens on first picking up a weapon (the ONLY weapon) at random times. it doesn't require you to switch inventory slots, but that can also trigger the bug.
  4. TheWookieWay

    Cheating Discussion

    I would suspect most of them are chinese characters that get translated to numbers in english. HuYa or DouYa are like "twitchTV" or "TTV" and used to advertise that they stream
  5. TheWookieWay

    cant pick loot on one place

    you seem to be thinking this is "location" based, like "everyone cannot pick up this loot because it's in the floor" But in reality, it's PLAYER based, as in Team member 1 cannot pick it up, but team member 2 can. I highly suspect, it is desync based on the way the assets are loaded in when the loot spawns.
  6. TheWookieWay

    cant pick loot on one place

    confirmed, random loot across all maps might happen to one person, but not to the next person in the same squad. Major bug
  7. do you really want ALL of these posted? There are many. First one is wharehouse south of Stalber above Yasnaya (see mini map)
  8. TheWookieWay

    Not able to pick up loot

    confirmed all over.. happened to me on Erangel, Stalber, 2 story observatory, Bottom floor, couldn't pick up shotgun and ammo 2nd floor, couldn't pick up revolver and ammo 7.62 2 boxes .... luckily i was able to pan the other guy before he killed me with s12! Also, floating vegatation, rocks, etc .. ALL ACROSS Erangel (drove from Yasnaya to near Quarry), saw bunches of floating objects, only took screenshots of a couple, will post elsewhere.
  9. TheWookieWay

    Time to Complete all missions?

    Yes, week 4 I believe, 10 frag grenades thrown in 1 match ... and you have to do it in 3 different games!
  10. TheWookieWay

    drowned on a motorcycle on the street

    real bug is where you fell through the map
  11. TheWookieWay

    PUGB constantly crashing

    Don't worry about the one 1 meg file that it always finds to acquire, that's on PUBG end, not yours, will happen most of the time.
  12. TheWookieWay

    Week 10 challenge is bugged

    This was hot patched today?
  13. TheWookieWay

    Several new, or returned bugs, this week

    On Feb 12 patch, game was running fine. On FEB 18/19, you made a hot patch, and quite a few old bugs have returned. Especially with slow loading textures, and game freezes. You still have not addressed this issue.
  14. actually, the certificate I examined for said site, said good til "2020" ... so it must be installed incorrectly.
  15. Your certificate for that area is expired, or not installed correctly