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  1. it worked the next day when I tried it.
  2. back seat of motorcycle you can use smg and pistols
  3. I was filling out the survey, more than happy to give my feedback, when I got near the end, and this appeared, and now when I click on it, this is all I get.
  4. Replays seem to use less FPS than Deathcam, you can leave those on, and then review replay when needed
  5. East coast should be 30ms and lower West coast should be 88ms and HIGHER (for NA region)
  6. i would disagree, it's not a waste of time, just not terribly efficient... But PUBG corp needs our help, and the more we help, the better they will do at bans, i hope. I have had at least 8 ban notifications about people I have reported in the past 2 weeks alone...
  7. Desync sucks West Coast 90ms+ ping sucks but in this case, you peeked, then moved, which is much too slow... You need to move closer, so when you lean (or stand up), you are already on target
  8. I used to play at 1600x900 (or lower sometimes when streaming) and have to have everything on very low I learned I could up AA to medium to ultra without losing too much fps and helped with vision A LOT PP no higher than medium if you can, but it's ok on very low as well, affects FPS more than AA View distance is fine on Very low to medium. Textures don't need more than medium, but are ok down to very low too! Everything SHOULD be on VERY LOW. Use these guidelines to adjust so you can see as well as possible while giving up as little fps/smoothness as possible. Vision is everything, no using having faster fps if you can't see the enemy before you are dead....
  9. I used to use Logitech g930 for ages , and the only solution i found was to set up any other logitech devices in LGS software, then revert to an older version of LGS to get the volume I needed (the one where it allows you to adjust the preamp volume, later version won't let you, or removed it altogether) I forget the version and can't find the file quickly, but I have a post on here about it somewhere, likely in archives.... "Use version 8.40, or earlier, to get your preamp back" .. couldn't find on the forums, but luckily I blogged about it (once upon a time)
  10. Can confirm this for the life of the game. Occasionally, the pan on your back, will deflect a bullet fired at you from the front. Maybe 10% to 20% of the time?
  11. PUBG corp should get off their butts and BAN the people we been reporting, especially when they have MULTIPLE temp bans, and PUBG Has video evidence from multiple sources.
  12. make sure enhanced pointer precision is off
  13. Others have posted about it as well.. I find the charms distracting because of this, keep thinking a nade is coming in the window, but it's just my charm bouncing around!
  14. Exactly. Everything is compounded in this game, so it's not just 100ms ping.. it's actually worse. I used to play Doom on a BBS over a 56k modem back in the 90s, and it wasn't near this bad.
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