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  1. found a way to fix this problem, just reduce memory clock using after burner and it will start working just fine!
  2. Hello, after this week 13 update. I can't run the game. it crashes during the loading screen. (It lets me send crash report or whatever) PLEASE HELP.!
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    Hi everyone, is it me or the game? Having this desync problem.... Recently i played alot of rounds and as far i can see today was the worst day in term of 1V1. It is so annoying to hit a guy like 7 times out of 10 and he freaking kills you with a shotgun from 25m away (I've had lvl 3 vest and lvl 2 helm)... Or like it is not even aiming at you but he still shoots you, i can't understand what the actual fuck is this. Anyone have some tips for atleast to be least worse from my side...? Game starting to be a looting simulator becouse shooting is like 4/10. 50/50 and the server decides who gets a kill
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