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  1. I'm constantly getting pushed to AS servers, even though I'm in OC (Melbourne). My friends in Sydney all get SEA but I constantly get AS. AS would have to be the worst possible ping outside of sending me to Europe. Is there anything I can do to fix this? My ping is constantly between 250-300ms and is becoming unplayable.
  2. Couldn't swap my LVL1 helmet for a LVL2 as I had 'no space'.. I thought this was fixed about 10 patches ago?
  3. ESP is the single biggest problem this game has.. yet there is no way of reporting it. Im over watching deathcams of someone tracking me from beyond a hill.
  4. I'm convinced this is a hack now, every suspect kill my game crashes when I open deathcam. A seemingly legit kill, check deathcam and everything is fine.
  5. Doubtful, but I crashed 4 times tonight trying to watch a death cam on some very suspect kills. Absolutely nothing wrong with my hardware, have over a 1200 hours in PUBG, never experienced anything like it.
  6. Everytime I want to look at suspect kill via deathcam my game crashes... this is getting ridiculous now
  7. BH, wtf? Both me and a buddy finished our duo round, couldn't connect again and were getting this message. Looks as though the servers might be down again...
  8. Same issue, all Maps, FPP OCE, has been this way for a month.
  9. Game is totally fucked in our region mate, with no real comment from the devs on an outcome... worst managed game in history. I've stopped playing it after 800 hours, many others will too.
  10. This is really gamebreaking now, so I hope they have a fix, or they'll need to hand out a few refunds.
  11. Check it out here, response was from @PUBG_Tamat
  12. There's a reddit post whereby one of the Pubg community managers responded, apparently it's a known issue in this region and points more towards a problem with the matchmaking as apposed to there not being enough players to support FPP. Guess we just have to wait for fix. Really love having a game that I paid money for that I can't play. One cock up after another, getting old.
  13. I honestly think there are not enough players in OC anymore for solo, UNLESS BH comes out and says otherwise I think we just have to accept it and move on... which they won't, as they give exactly zero feedback on any of their performance statistics.. cause they're probably shit.
  14. Well I can't find a single solo but can get into a squad straight away.
  15. I think it's just the state of the game mate, I don't think we have enough players to support SOLO FPP in OC. People are getting over this game and every little shitty problem that comes with it.
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