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  1. Hi! You can post findings like this in this pinned thread:
  2. Yes. The crate price is being reset every week. Unfortunately, there's a pretty high chance of getting duplicates since there's not that many different types of clothing in the current crates. Also, the different "levels" of the crates has nothing to do with what item you will get. It's the same RNG for all of them. A quote from the FAQ:
  3. Hi! Have you linked your PUBG in-game account to Twitch? And have you visited Twitch, clicked on the crown that says "Prime Loot" and then "Claim Rewards" for PUBG? If you've done all that, then could you please elaborate? When and where do you get the error? What does it say?
  4. Same here I'm on the fence about picking one up, but I guess I'll get one sooner or later.. Are you experiencing this problem every game, or does it just happen occasionally? Also, could you please tell me exactly what kind of i7 you use? And what about your graphics card? The easiest way to get that information is to press Start (Windows button), type "dxdiag" without the quotes. A new window will be opened. Screenshot the first tab (System) and the "Display 1" tab. Or, you could copy/paste it into a post if you prefer. But taking screenshots are probably faster and easier. Because if you got a pretty decent CPU and GPU, running everything on very low may actually cause more problems than one might think, since then a lot of what's being processed will be handled by the CPU, while the GPU goes sadface
  5. How weird.. Have you tried to verify the integrity of game files as well? 1. Go to your Steam Library.2. Right click on "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS"3. Select "Properties".4. Go to the "Local Files" tab.5. Select "Verify Integrity of Game Files..."
  6. Hi! Have you tried to end all Steam related tasks by using the Task Manager and then try again? Edit; Looks like some people get that error when they are "alt + tabbing" out of the game. Does it work if you keep the PUBG window focused until you're in-game?
  7. Hi! I'd suggest you to fill out the bug report template: And post it in this pinned topic:
  8. Not sure if you think I have anything to do with the moderators or Bluehole, I don't! So do not send it to me! I'd suggest you to contact them via the "Contact Us" system. Explain to them how you replicate it. If you want to send them a video, make sure you upload the video as "Unlisted" so that it doesn't get seen by people who shouldn't watch it You can write to them here: http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/contact/
  9. Hi! Are you talking about the bug that makes the buildings look like someone built them with playdough? Seems like this problem mostly happens to people who have 8 GB of RAM or less, and/or running the game on a HDD. I'm currently running the game on a HDD and got 8 GB of RAM and I do get this problem myself sometimes. I've seen people who said they upgraded their RAM and/or installed the game on a SSD fixed the problem for them.
  10. Bonjour! You can report findings like this in the pinned topic: Also, if you prefer posting in French in the future, you can do so in the French forum section =) http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/16-french/
  11. Hi! You can report findings like this in the pinned topic:
  12. Hi! You can post findings like this in the pinned thread:
  13. Hi! They are currently trying to find a way to fix this problem. I know it's annoying, but hopefully something will be done about it soon =)
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