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  1. SirTrollington

    Gun not firing, single fire mode

    For what it's worth here's one of the auto fire glitch from less than an hour ago. Sort it out lads.
  2. SirTrollington

    [Early Access] Monthly Update 3 - June 28 2017

    Played a few games and got to top 10 in all of them. Probably a good hour or so. I know it's the test server but the game definitely felt smoother. I didn't really notice much "lag" type situations at all. FPS seemed a touch higher for me. According to fraps it's up a few fps on average but I'd need to do some more testing. Also it's test server so it might not translate over to the "real" game. Nearly trolled myself with the vector and the burst mode. Had to tap again to get to full auto. Will take a little bit of getting used to. Noticed that guns seem to be spawning way less than before. Based on my small sample of games it felt like they were harder to come by. Perhaps it's just the areas I was looting are now not as good as I previously thought. Vehicles pointing random directions is great. No more having to park a car eastwards if you're trying to set up an ambush by making it look legit. Now you can just park it up beside the road any way you like and get the same effect. Flipside is you'll never know if an ambush is waiting for you either. Will just have to be more cautious approaching buildings or areas that have vehicles nearby. The motorbike sounds different at higher speeds. Love the near door on the plane opening up and showing you everyone in the seats lul. Quick vid of my first round. Just got a few of the changes in the footage.
  3. SirTrollington

    Game Crash

    I get this on my PC too. It's annoying to say the least. Maybe every 4th match or so. Exit the last match and it tries to go back to the loading screen. It loads the "backdrop" image. Normally you'd see "Loading" in the top left but it never comes and the game just hangs. Like you I can't close the game, or end the process in task manager or anything. Only solution is CTRL ALT DEL and choose "sign out" which basically acts a bit like a restart but without the waiting. Then sign into windows again. It's been like this for about the last 4 updates for me. It didn't do it in the earlier builds. Haven't been able to work out what causes it.
  4. SirTrollington

    Ability to see through walls

    Video here Basically the video tells its all. Everything is displaying right (no invisible walls or floating buildings like other vids I've seen)...but then I can walk up to walls and see right through them. Only happened in one game and I can't reproduce it. I can't be seen btw.