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  1. I'm encountering the same thing. Changing to "full screen windowed" fixed it. GTX 970 updated drivers Windows 10 updated 16GB RAM intel i7 4790K intel SSD hard drive ( if it matters i can look it up)
  2. sorry if its been said, but this is the last day of the loot. enable twitch prime from the pubg main menu banner advert, then accept the loot from the top of the twitch.tv page, (the crown icon where you see your prime loot) go back to the pubg main menu and click the semi transparent, tiny a$$ twitch icon (looks like a TV) located directly next to your user name at the top right. this will make a pop up appear asking you to link accounts. do that and the gear crate is yours in teh character menu.
  3. i think it is lag. i noticed i couldnt place markers on my map at the beginning of the round yesterday. at first i thought my mouse was broken. I really think its lag, though. How is your internet? are you playing in the region you live in?
  4. press the windows key, click on the desktops icon. create a new desktop. from there, open task manager and end tslgame.exe.
  5. does it just happen at the beginning of the round?
  6. i generally frown upon alt tabbing when loading massive amounts of memory into ram
  7. I would try a few things before refunding. It's a fun game.
  8. I wonder if it is shooting, but not displaying on screen because of latency/lag issues. Not saying it is your fault either, but in any online multiplayer, there will sometimes be discrepancies between what you see on screen and what is actually happening.
  9. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335 try this. very easy to try, and may very well fix the problem without uninstalling and reinstalling completely.
  10. I don't think you can see the timer when the map is full screen. If you can, I have never noticed it. As far as I know, the timer only appears above the mini-map.
  11. Strange. The menus could be a little buggy still, maybe you did open the item and didn't realize it. I know I did that once or twice before I figured out I had received an item I already had. The item will show 2x barely visible in the top right of the item picture if you have more than 1. My recommendation is to buy the items you want on steam market. The items are very inexpensive for the stuff you get out of regular crates.
  12. I was clicking the wrong thing for the longest time. I was clicking the banner advertisement on the main menu, when I should have been clicking the tiny, half transparent twitch logo directly next to my name at the top right. It sounds like you are clicking the right thing, but just in case, make sure you are clicking the actual Twitch logo and not the colorful banner advertisement for the Twitch gear. My only other suggestion would be to reset your browser. Which browser are you using? I can try to give you steps on how to reset your browser settings. Security settings, etc, can cause you to not open links correctly. You can also quickly try 'verifying game integrity' in Steam. I know that's well known, and may not be the issue, but I always try that first when I have weird issues with Steam games. Let me know if you need instructions. I think its a browser issue though.
  13. I think the game will only get better. They have hired and are still hiring (pretty sure) more developers, and opened new offices, etc.
  14. Sometimes I wonder about this. I can be staring at the area I am landing and I don't see any parachutes, but when I get in a building there is someone already standing there with a gun in his hand! I realize it is likely I am just not looking in the right spot or something, but it has made me wonder a couple times.
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