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    What happens to banned accounts?

    Call me cynical but I reckon there’s loads that would pay more to be a dick. It’s the very nature of being a dick...
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    Rather than split it Erangel and Miramar or Vikendi and Sanhok, mix it up. Miramar and Vikendi vs Erangel and Sanhok. the two popular maps with the lesser played ones.
  3. What region, out of interest? I’m in EU and miramar as a solo FPP is impossible. Erangel can be a bit slow but honestly on quick join I get Erangel about 30% of the time. i don’t think they should muck around with the maps too much. Definitely no more ‘secret’ caves 🙄 I like ten changes of pace across the maps, I certainly don’t want a similar experience with a different background. Sanhok is fast paced, good loot. Erangel is more spread out, less loot dependant (as in you have to play with what you get rather than know you’ll be tooled up in minutes) Miramar is similar to Erangel but the cover is more a use of the landscape rather than buildings/trees. Vikendi is a chimes of Erangel and Sanhok. Especially with the loot cave. I like the wind noise that covers footsteps, makes for some hairy moments.
  4. Buy the stuff again and exchange for BP’s?
  5. Season ends in 12 days but the skins have a 26 day timer on them? Does this mean they are available for a limited time after the season finishes?
  6. Really? that surprises me. Runs ok on my Alienware which is an i5, 1060 and 16GB ram.
  7. fobyac

    Canted sights and hold to ADS players

    probably. The default is toggle so it makes sense
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    Canted sights and hold to ADS players

    Use them all the time on all guns bar the snipers. if you fit the canted sights first, they are the default sight. Not tried switching mid battle, tend to switch before engaging depending on range. SMG’s it’s a 2x and canted. AR I go for 4x or 6x and canted and dmr it’s 4x up to 8x bit of work on the muscle memory but easier than when I changed my map key after 1000 hrs 😂 they probably help in about 5% of my fights but on the plus side, it’s one less scope to be left behind for someone else to loot 🤟🏻
  9. fobyac

    Canted sights and hold to ADS players

    Use them all the time on all guns bar the snipers. if you fit the canted sights first, they are the default sight. Not tried switching mid battle, tend to switch before engaging depending on range. SMG’s it’s a 2x and canted. AR I go for 4x or 6x and canted and dmr it’s 4x up to 8x bit of work on the muscle memory but easier than when I changed my map key after 1000 hrs 😂 they probably help in about 5% of my fights but on the plus side, it’s one less scope to be left behind for someone else to loot 🤟🏻
  10. looks Like you get a coupon drop every 10k xp earned after reaching lvl 100 so there’s a chance you can make up the difference. Hope so anyway, need another 12 to get the ‘chute and I have a full house. i have all the brown and white stuff and a load of coupons left. If it lets me trade them in I’ll get dupes and trade them in for the BP.
  11. Some you can buy with BP, some with currency and some you can earn through the event pass. You then equip them through the customisation menu in a similar fashion to skins.
  12. Couple of points. Apex is based around the engine and code from Titanfall franchise so a lot of the kinks were ironed out with those games. Apex had only 60 players over a smaller map. These alone are enough to kybosh any of the comparisons between the two on the ‘how polished is the game?’ argument. That’s without getting into the vehicles, switchable clothing, bigger inventory, larger selection of guns etc that will make a huge difference to the games database. OK. Slight rant aside Short answer is, why not play both? This is isn’t a case of picking a side, both games have their merits and their faults. PUBG’s faults have been widely documented here on the forum so I’ll not go down that road tbh. We all know what they are and we all have an opinion on the root cause, the solution and why the Dev’s haven’t solved them all yet 😂 PUBG merits: Ballistic mechanics - nothing beats it imo. A hard learning curve for sure but persevere and everything else seems rather trite. Realism - yeah, I know I’m risking a swathe of ‘it's a f@@kin game!’ but it is grounded in reality. Shortcuts for sure; we can’t all run fully laden at that rate. There’s no reason for a buggy to stop dead at a foot high verge and so on. It’s not perfect but it’s the best at what it does. Adrenaline - Man, this game ages me! You can basically sum up PUbG as a lot of doing nothing much followed by a minute of frenetic keyboard and mouse scrabbling followed up by more nothing time (assuming you win the scrap). That said, when you have to risk a run across open fields convinced someone is looking down their 8x at you it’s even stressful in the quiet bits. I have the odd peak in Apex but it’s like an espresso vs my epipen 😂 Apex merits: ping mechanic - this is outstanding. Jump master - also cool. Legends - I like the different skill set. None seem out of balance although I’ve not played Caustic yet and it looks on paper like it’s a bit OP. Apex faults Mode - would like a go at solo’s Pretty much my only gripe really. its a fun game, no stress and did I mention it’s fun? 😜 i play it as a chill out, I play pubg for the intensity. both FPS. Both BR. That is the only thing they have in common for me.
  13. fobyac

    Getting Lazy in Squads

    I rate the difficulty like so, hardest first: 1-man squad Solo Squad Duo I’m not counting random squads etc, I’m assuming a team you know. All give me adrenaline spikes but for me, a full squad wipe when I’m on my own is sweeter than a chicken dinner in any other mode (not had a 1-man win yet). as to squads making you worse at solo’s it works both ways. My first few games in squads after a heavy solo stint are embarrassing. Easy to act on reflex and push on the first gu you see, pulling your squad into a shit fight and back to the lobby with all of us
  14. fobyac


    Aye, TPP has it on a decent wait time. However, FPP it is non existent as solo in EU. i can get on in squads FPP but that can still be a wait. personally I feel there should be a rotation but then we’d just get all the people who want to play ‘x’ map only clogging up the forums complaining about it. if they did a similar thing that bf4 has with servers that would also sort it but I can’t see that happening.
  15. The double xp thing I’m ambivalent about. Just made level 100 but I did buy the 50 level boost in a moment of weakness/inebriation 🙄 will be interesting to see see how many more coupons I can get until the end of the pass. Usually managed 3-4 hours on a week night as I work away from home during the week but work will be getting busy so that will eat in to my play time. The hardest one for me will be the buggy because I’ve not made much effort into doing it (only at 80k), or anything to do with Miramar as in solo FPP-EU that map is dead. Still, I’ll probably end up having to do those missions in TPP, duos or squads with rando’s 🤮 No doubt in my mind that getting 100 would be impossible for 99% of us without getting the premium pass. Not a moan, just an observation, When I look at the cost if the game plus the Sanhok and vikendi pass I’m still under the cost of any of the other AAA franchises I’ve played in the last 8 years. With the enjoyment I’ve had out of the game I really don’t mind dropping some cash on it for the passes and occasional skin sets. Ultimately, the missions encouraged me to play to a different skill set (rarely drop hot) and start to enjoy and see the benefits of turning on the aggressive gameplay at times. So that is a plus. Some of them are ridiculous (buggy 500km) but still I’ve had fun watching others attempt it by driving in circles without looting - easy kills 😜 Other than the medic skin for the lvl 2 helmet and the crimson snowflake for the M416, and some of the emotes I guess, most of the rest of the skins are ‘meh’. There’s a limit to how ‘cool’ they look when everyone who has the time to grind/dollars to buy the levels has the same. In fact, I’m almost at the stage where I’m considering exchanging all my skins I don’t use at all for BP. Some of the pass skins are worth a chunk. Clears up my inventory, I can get as many crates as I am and sell them on the market. Can either buy the idd skin skin that I want or put it toward the next game
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    Taking you to hell with me...

    Aye, reckon I definitely got reported on that one. Replay accuracy issues being what they are it must have looked dodgy as hell Had another satisfying kill the other day. Dropped at Mansion to do the emote and cross that mission off. 4 others landed with me but went to the 4 stack and 1 stack ancillary buildings while I landed at the north building within the compound. So I’m thinking I’ll actually give this round a good attempt I loot a pistol and x-bow...... 2 Guys rapidly drop to a DP28, the third falling soon afterward. Discretion being the better part of valour, I’m thinking I’ll wait until they’ve filled up and gone or I’ll try and one shot him as he heads upstairs in my building. All is quiet. Just about to head out and I hear them walking around in the garage building to my left. Quick peek but see nothing. Wait a little longer and I’m reaching the point where I’m going to Rambo through boredom and then I hear a bike heading in. They stop East if my building, north from DP28 guy. Turns out he also has a suppressed M16 and sends the bike guy back to the lobby pdq. Then I hear him heading out to the box......he thinks that’s it. Cue me lining up on him as he looks and one bolt to the dome and I’m heading out of Mansion with 11k(?) mission xp (also needed the x-bow kill) and then on to win the match
  17. Noe that is some trolling Usually shy away from lvl 3 backpacks as I end up looting too much but it's got to be worth it just for the knowledge that someone looting your box has zero benefit
  18. Disagree. It's already been said in numerous threads before this one. You carry a lot of grenades at the detriment of other gear; ammo, meds etc. especially in a solo match. Not so bad in squads but if 4 of you are carrying 3 grenades then you can blow the crap out of an area anyway
  19. fobyac

    How is it possible?

    This. Why do people insist on comparing apples and oranges? Apex Legends is a lot of fun for sure and it does seem rather polished too. Still, a great advantage having an existing game to work from (Titanfall). Gun mechanics seem simplistic in comparison to Pubg though, and there's a lot less shit to keep track of too.
  20. fobyac

    Taking you to hell with me...

    Had one on Vikendi after the update that brought the Bizon. Had a few poor rounds and just decided to fuck around on some of the missions. Drop wide and loot a bizon, 2x, few bandages, a pan and that’s pretty much it. Find a UAZ and decide to drive around in the blue using bandages and refuelling. Hang a left into Sawmill and catch sight of someone just coming round one of the woodpiles. Reactions kick in and I swerve to run them down but I’ve misjudged it and clip the woodpile, putting the UAZ into a barrel roll. All the while they are emptying their UMP(?) and hitting either the vehicle or my pan. I’m thinking it’s game over and exit the UAZ firing like a loon, completely disorientated and only realise I’m facing in the wrong direction when I here them reload behind me. 180 jump and hip fire and get the kill with a headshot 😂
  21. I never understood the original argument against the default being set to single. Personally it bothers me not at all which way the default is because I’ve got it wrong in the past enough times to make sure I check it every time I pick up a new weapon. If this is something a player can’t deal with then it’s probably time to play another game.