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  1. So far I'm impressed with the latest patch with the exception of this topic. Erangel is ridiculous, in fact it make Sanhok look positively sparse. Played 10 rounds purposely dropping in small compounds to see what the new loot was like and 8 rounds it was SLR / AR within no more than 3 small buildings. The one time I dropped at Georg I was carrying a Beryl, SKS, (fully kitted apart from a comp for the SKS), 8x , lvl 2 helm and armour 2 frags, 3 smokes, 5 PK's, 7 drinks, around 250 rounds of 7.62 and my level 3 bag (one of two found) was bursting at the seams. Hope they dial it back a good chunk. There was no need to adjust it after the last change, definitely not in the way the have. For those arguing that it just means you get a better chance in fighting I'm going to counter with you know you are likely going up against an AR/DMR/Kar combo and you will see a lot more compound camping on Erangel. Makes more sense the leaked changes a while back to the amount of buildings. As it stands the map's open areas are pretty much death traps. You could always stand a chance of duking one sniper but 3? You're going down.
  2. fobyac

    Being killed by foreheads?

    Is this not peeker’s advantage? WackyJacky has a vid showing it in practice. Can’t quote me for truth but I seem to recall someone saying it’s not a problem unique to pubg. Actually, thinking about it, first port of call would be Wacky’s YouTube and @Rev0verDrive for explanations on how the game plays/engine works. Answer 90% of my questions 100% of the time
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    Newish PC gamer

    Did you play pubg a lot on the console? I did too and I don’t find the games comparable really. It’s either the fact that every one plays on a similar unit, or that everyone is limited to the same FPS, or it gets played differently - maybe all of the above. Coning back to the console from PC and people seemed to play less aggressively. I’ve certainly won fights/rounds on Xbox I wouldn’t have been close to winning on PC. Actually, might just be the situational awareness come to think of it. This is game has been like no other I’ve ever played in that respect. Played since the first days of early access and I’m still learning.
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    Newish PC gamer

    There’s no skill based matchmaking. there used to be but they removed it while they work on a better system. Took me hundreds of hours before I stopped being an easy kill and it all boils down to you figuring out what you are doing wrong. basically start analysing each round you play. Use the replay system to see more than the deathcam and see how your killer knew where you were. It usually boils down to you not using cover, or giving your position away etc. Always think about where you want to go and how you should get there. Usually, your first plan has also been thought of by 1 or 2 others. So make a 2nd plan, or a third Likely you pick a similar route each time you are in a similar position, example being landing at radar station south of Hospital (Erangel), then down to the 2 buildings north of that. As most who land there do exactly that, it’s easy to predict where they will be and get an easy kill. Hope this makes sense, couple of beers and it’s been a long day
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    Community managers

    You just won the Internet for today
  6. fobyac

    Cheating Discussion

    Cool. When are you letting us into a beta/early access with all the anti cheat approaches PUBG don’t have? will be great seeing a fresh take on it, and an educational one also. School PUBG on how it’s done and give us a game that is cheat free.... 🙄
  7. Disagree. Who gives a fuck what it looks or sounds like? It’s whether it does the job and It does.
  8. fobyac

    New PUBG map!?

    how many bridge camps in that map?
  9. fobyac

    Public Voice Chat in Lobby Removed

    Naah. It makes the company look like, well, a company. how does North Korea equate to a benign dictatorship?
  10. fobyac

    Broken Game!! Help

    be careful what you wish for. Map select damn near broke the game here on the PC.
  11. fobyac

    A message to all cheaters...

    It's not bad. Too much time away from home though. And shitty internet 🙄 Still, have to look at the plus side. I get to play 3-4 hours a night Sunday through Thursday. Still won't make lone survivor but it makes the season pass a viable purchase.
  12. fobyac

    A message to all cheaters...

    I am happy with it's state of progress. It's state can be better, I can work around most of the issues. Not low, realistic 😜 Appreciated One game with bad lag but that's my internet where I stay for work. tried to get the landlady to install fiber but to no avail. Just needed to restart the client and rejoin. Dunno why it gets so flaky and no idea why rejoining sorts it out but it's an easy work around. Couple of dodgy looking deaths but the replay wasn't convincing enough to report them. I think I may have been reported for one kill though. Guy ducked down by his vehicle and all I had to do was shoot through the grass. Got a headshot but I imagine he was seething, I know I would have been Take it easy.
  13. fobyac

    A message to all cheaters...

    No point. That way only lies madness. I'm afraid you will have to entertain yourself on another thread for a game you no longer play. Although I admit the 5 point warning I got for calling you out last time was worth it. I'm just going to chill this afternoon grinding for the Lvl 3 backpack skin and the next survivor jacket. In FPP EU. With very few cheaters. Have a good afternoon 😎
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    Public Voice Chat in Lobby Removed

    What gave you the impression that this was a democracy? We're playing a game supplied by a corporation. We are simply the users. Sure, we can supply an opinion but that's as far as it goes. We have no real say in any of it, it's at best a benign dictatorship.
  15. Only happens to me when my internet spacs out. Could that be the cause for you?
  16. fobyac


    95% of people should also be aware of Steam's refund policy then. If the game is as bad as you and the OP claim then you would have realised that well within the time you have to refund the game through steam. The forums do tend to the negative side but that's to be expected. If you are enjoying playing the game, that's what you are doing - playing it. If you have an issue then you will take to the forums to either search for people having the same problem and look for a solution, or, take to the forum and rant about it. The servers don't favour high ping players. High ping players fuck it up for everyone, true. How would you have them combat it? If you'd spent 10 minutes researching the forums before posting you would have seen the argument put forward a lot. Region block China; Ban VPN's; Dedicated servers; the list does go on and for every argument put forward there is usually a reasoned counter point to be found. Admittedly there is also a lot of toxicity as well but the answers are out there. Updates breaking other aspects to those they are fixing and cheaters are rampant in other titles as well. Be as effective to stand at the beach and tell the tide to go back as to just rant about it here. Again, do some research before spouting rubbish. The game creator didn't leave them in the dark. He's spent what 3-5 years travelling around the globe in development and support of the game and now wants some stability in his life and to be closer to his family. It's all in the interview, I'd post the link but seriously it will take just the time to type some words into google.
  17. fobyac

    Event Pass Rewards

    Similar, although I do really like the back pack skins. You can swap out the weekly ones as well to try and get more achievable missions. I get your point as I was close to finishing one of the long range ones in the first week and it reset but on the flip side we don't have missions like 500km in a buggy anymore. I already know I'm not going to get the challenge missions sorted, which is a shame as I really like the skins. Not too fussed about the shotgun and tommy gun. rarely use them any way but the other three I use a lot. I'm stuck on the M16 getting 3 kills in a match, 3 times. Been on 2 kills and played poorly chasing the 3rd just to get 3rd partied about 6 games so far
  18. fobyac

    A message to all cheaters...

    like a bad smell mate
  19. There is an element of arseholery with joining randoms. Just remember that people who are having a good experience with random squads won't be posting here on the forum about it. You will only be getting the people that have had a bad time on here. I've been playing this game since early access on PC and the xbox too. Only had one instance of team killing from a random. I don't play duos/squads much any more, and I suppose I could have just got lucky, but the best way to find out if it works for you is to try it Guy I started playing regularly with on PC I got chatting to on the xbox pubg forum so we already got along before we started playing. Also hooked up on a squad game and ended up duo-ing with one of them for a bit after the first squad game. In my experience, most are looking for a game rather than a muck around. In EU we have a lot of languages and while English is a spoken as a second language and comms can be strained because of that, most are happy you just have a mic and are willing to say hi Another thing to look for is joining a discord server. Immediately removes the majority of the asshats as the people in the discord server are there looking for people to play with, not torment. Discord is easy to set up and the absolute kicker for me is that if you have an internet connection that struggles with the game and the voice comms, you can d/load it on your phone and use that instead. Sometimes have to do it as I work away form home during the week at the moment and the internet is ok if it's just me. Soon as the landlady or flat mate turn up and start streaming the soap operas it can get laggy! 800 hours in so the only things you will notice as different between solo's and teams is really the drop patterns and taking fights. Drops tend to more spread out as areas you would get 5-6 solo's will tend to be avoided by squads. Enough loot for 5-6 people to fight over and have one man standing. Not enough loot for 2 squads to fight over, possibly losing 1-2 team members and setting themselves up with a disadvantage. Fights will be a case of learning again which ones to take, which to avoid. Easy to carry on in solo mode and engage when you initially see someone, forgetting there's at least 1 other you didn't see. Before you know it you're downed and your team has to either split or they get wiped fast by being out of position.
  20. 200 ping has to hurt Was going to suggest hooking up for duos but I’m in EU
  21. fobyac

    Actual Night Mode

    No. For the reasons already listed but I'll add another. Assuming that the above were not an issue, I was playing around on ARMA 3 the other day (great game btw) and night sucks At least. it does without NVG's. If you don't have them it would make the game in it's current format unplayable really. If you have enough NVG's for everyone then there's no point of night mode and if you don't have enough NVG's for everyone then it would be a hideously unbalanced game even by my accepting-of-the-RNG standards.
  22. Over egging the pudding a bit there I think. You are always going to get different play styles regardless of any ranking system. The Survivor progression system was explained from the outset to be a stand in (not replacement) for the flawed ranking/matchmaking system that we had originally (Dev's decision based on whines feedback from players), as @Takarii has said. The current system doesn't disenfranchise many players. Most peoples big gripes are in relation to OOR high ping players and/or cheats. As for this system encouraging 'poor' gameplay? That's just a crock. You will always get people making poor tactical decisions and, let's be honest here, we've all made n00b errors regardless of the experience we have in game. The only way it causes these 'serious ripples' is if you are playing with unknown's or random team mates. Random team mates are easily avoided, join a discord for example. Unknown's not so much but you'll figure out in a couple of rounds whether or not your playstyles compliment each other so you just move on. Knowing that the system we have isn't correlated to skill/performance you shouldn't be using it as a metric to measure people's ability in game anyway. It would be like saying that because I've played this game since early access, and been gaming since I was 10, (37 years now), I should be as good as Shroud/Choco/Stonemountain/Aculite/Fugglet etc. Just to be clear, I'm absolutely not PUBG are neither giving positive or negative reinforcement to any behaviour or play style. This survivor system has no bearing on my playstyle at all. I know it will need more time than I can realistically devote to it to attain 6k points and stay in the top 1k ranks to attain the rank of Lone Survivor, so it bothers me not at all that I won't get it. The only thing you could possibly argue would be the people afk dropping and playing shed loads more games than most to get their points up. That would be a stretch though as we've always had afk droppers since BP's could be exchanged for crates which are then sold on the market. The original premise of the game has, and always will be, last man/team standing regardless of whatever system is in place to measure survivability, k/d, skill.
  23. fobyac

    A message to all cheaters...

    It's like you don't read the topic passed the opening post...…... It's sad that you don't
  24. fobyac

    Public Voice Chat in Lobby Removed

    I did have some laughs with people in the lobby but that was waaaay back in the days of early access when you had all 100 of us spawn on the starter island but it didn't out weigh the bad stuff. It rapidly became a rare lobby that didn't have one or more of the following: a) some fuckwit playing music at an ungodly level b) racist pejoratives being thrown out, not just in normal chat just being chanted repeatedly - again at full volume. c) some kid that had been triggered by something someone else had said and having a meltdown. Still, all of this for me was solved by muting the chat in the lobby or switching to team only. Which is the sensible solution to dealing with all of the above as, let's face it, given the anonymity offered by such interactions, most people are dicks. However, once the cheat/hack ads were being thrown around it had to go.
  25. Hope I'm still playing games at 62! Thought I was a senior at 47 What region are you in? The dinner will happen, took me around triple digits in hours to start getting them (after I lucked my first). I'm on about 1 every 50 games or so over a season now. Still means I can play for a couple of weeks without one. On OP, outside of the lobby I can't see it being looked at much but then I'm mainly a solo player. As for checking skill vs hours played, you can check out the season stats which would be a more rounded metric of a players skill.