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  1. fobyac

    Hacking pubg

    Sounds good but.... how many rounds of pubg are being played at any one time? As in each round you have about 50 people starting a new round within 10 minutes but those 50 won’t be in the same new round. Soon becomes unworkable to offer even a 50% coverage.
  2. When you log in, info is highlighted below the missions button Or check out the patch notes, it’s there too. For those that this is proving a chore, it ends June 5th. You then have until 26th to claim any xp/rewards. Level boosts you’ve purchased will become inactive but you will be able to use them on the next season. Coupons will expire after 26th I think.
  3. Sounds like the Erangel rework. Trouble is you’ve got to separate the solo and squad experience if they use the same loot tables. In a squad it will likely be a decent but not excessive amount of SR/DMR available for a team of 4. In solo’s it was excessive, although Erangel has either a) settled the distribution as I’m not getting rooms with 4x SR or b) I’m just used to the loot table now it will be the same with vikendi, in time.
  4. Hopefully lesson learned wrt windows auto update and why you shouldn’t smash your keyboard over a game 🙄 Also, if you are invisible while re-connecting you could potentially reappear behind someone who had just ‘cleared’ the area you are in. This would gift you a free kill and would also be unfair by your rationale.
  5. man, that just made my afternoon It was all I could do not to spit Coke across my laptop! Had that happen a few times to myself and it's a second of rage and then you have to laugh at it. Out of interest, are you playing with the standard key bindings? I switch out the lean back one and that reduced my out of control crashes by about 70%
  6. Pretty much the main reason I don't have a problem with AFK'ers If people want to game the system for BP's / survival rewards I'm ok with that. AFK'ers at least aren't hacking and there's rarely more than a couple per round too.
  7. Fair point. I didn't go past my initial thought on the topic - not at the bottom of my first coffee yet
  8. The issue I think @xTekx_1 raises is how do the developers decide on what to implement. I mean there have been some decidedly questionable changes over the history of the games development once that has been decided I think your idea has merit although the biggest downside would be the community badgering for when the result would be implemented. It would require a more open channel of communication and more importantly, patience from the players. I think that would be the hardest part.
  9. removing the auto open would remove the afk players quite effectively
  10. Or... leave the red red zone in with adjustments to minimise/remove the chance of getting multiple zones on top or next to each other AND make cool weather effects. Although there are already thunderstorms included.
  11. i Think all the crate weapons should be best in their class. I hear the AWM or MK14 and I’m going hunting up close. I hear the Groza and I’m going to try and engage at distance. M249? Grenade spam. I hear the AUG and all I think is ‘they’ve got level 3 protection so make every shot count’. The weapon just doesn’t instil the fear/Adrenalin the others do.
  12. I guess it could be similar to old bug where the engine wouldn't stop at all once you decamped? Wouldn't be the first time an old bug came back
  13. Experienced it. I use the handbrake (unless it’s a combat situation) to bring the car to a halt as well which stops this.
  14. Notably less useful is one thing, if it brings something to the table. What will the Lee Enfield do that the Kar98 doesn’t? Barrett 50 cal? A new gun with one use ammo like the AWM. Absolutely no need for it. The AWM already one shots anything. No need for a Barrett. Also would be a crate weapon so what does it do, replace the AWM? At the end of the day it would be a one shot sniper with specific ammo. Add them into into the game and it will replace rather than compliment an existing weapon. what exactly is the point? Best to have weapons that pass as a clone of another’ ‘adds variety’ bullshit. They add variety if they are different. Slight differences don’t cut it.
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