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  1. fobyac

    Middle east region lock

    Your first pic: There's an indeterminate amount of time for that map because there's only 4 people in your region queuing for it. When a map is in this state you won't get an instance on quick join either. As for the other 3, once my timer gets passed the wait time I cancel and hit start again immediately. Most times I'm straight into a lobby. Overall, with the queue times you're showing, I'd just settle for quick join all the way.
  2. Vocal minority? Did I miss the responses to the other thread on this where people thought it was a good feature? yours seems to be the only response to argue for not removing the notification.
  3. fobyac

    OMG that last mission

    There’s a unicorn available?
  4. “so in conditions of sub 20 FPS, the actual rate of fire for a weapon such as Micro UZI will still be slower.” Who is playing with sub 20FPS? 🤔
  5. fobyac

    /r/PUbattlegrounds is clearly anti-pubg

    Okay. So what we have here is a) troll or, worse b) some seriously out of whack thinking. YOU made the association of PU (initials of Player Unknown - Brendan Greene’s handle btw) with something smelling badly. YOU have chosen to extrapolate to a stupid level and infer that it has a deeper derogatory meaning wrt a Korean company. The problem is not the sub reddit’s content or the title. The problem is people who go looking for hidden meanings and twist data to suit an argument that DOESN’T EXIST.
  6. What time? I'm looking at EU, FPP, Solo and Miramar has 4 people queueing for an undetermined time. All other modes are ok.
  7. fobyac

    /r/PUbattlegrounds is clearly anti-pubg

    You've obviously made some effort in your analysis but the burning question has to be 'Why do you care?' There's more than enough negativity here and on the Steam forums, I suppose we could also take those down as well. I mean, if you are going to censor one avenue of negativity, surely you should do all of them? Or maybe you should censor none of them. People chat shit, it's a human condition.
  8. fobyac

    Gun not loading

    This happens to me always when my router/ISP has a fit. Ping jumps from the usual 28-40ms to 500+ (actually spiked at 1500 the other day). I get the noise, animation and nothing in the gun. Enable the network debug option under the gameplay menu in settings and you'll see if this is the case. If it's your ping going nuts when it happens then the problem is your connection. When I was on wifi rather than wired, it would go mental whenever my GF got home from work as her ipad, phone, works phone etc all joined the network. I had a fiddle with the router and split the SSID into the 2 different freq's which helped a bit but only until I got my crimps home and made the hard connection to the router. If you're wired to the router then something is hinky with either the router or your ISP I think.
  9. Mate, search function is your friend This opinion has been made heaps on the forum since they changed the 'ranking' system and the mods have replied countless times to it. There is NO matchmaking system. The point system is in place of an MM system they deemed not good enough and is in place while they work on a proper MM system. This points system is geared more to your playtime and survivability not your K/D, wins etc.
  10. Always fit an Ext. Quickdraw/Extended/Quickdraw regardless of AR and usually go with Vert/Angled/Thumb grip too. AKM: Red dot, Comp/Flash Hider/Suppressor Beryl: Red dot, Comp/Flash Hider/Suppressor, M16: Scope, Suppressor M416: red dot and swap with scope as needed OR scope & canted, Comp/Suppressor/Flash Hider, stock G12: rarely pick up but I'd fit it as an M4 Scar: as M4 but I fit a comp over a suppressor QBZ: as an M4 but without the stock Mutant: haven't used one in ages but with the lack of auto it would be secondary so scope, suppressor/hider and grips as above.
  11. fobyac

    favorite weapon

    This is pretty much mine although I also run a mini as primary with a red dot sometimes.
  12. fobyac

    Poll - the next pass: will you buy it?

    Most common AR along with AKM on all maps in my experience. Definitely see the M416 less than the M16.
  13. If I'm working the weekend stint I can get away with it on my lunch break. It's meh though as the monitor is poop and my good mouse and cans are at home/digs
  14. QFT I'm only on here in my breaks at work, between rounds or while munching on my dinner People enjoying the game rarely post here, they are too busy having fun.
  15. fobyac

    VSS needs a nerf!!! Change my mind

    up close it's surprisingly good if you have the extended mag and use Aim rather than ADS....