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  1. This has nothing to do with getting good. Even the best players get knocked and thirsted. I don't get why people get so mad about it. I mean it sucks when it happens to you but it sucks getting knocked in the first place. I just assume I will be finished and that helps to not get extra salty. Even streamers who always get salty about getting finished..will finish people all the time. Why? Because it's purely situational and there are many situations where finishing someone makes more sense..more times than not. I can probably list 10 situations where finishing someone makes more sense than not and only 1 or 2 for not finishing.
  2. It's been several days of heavy gaming now and I still haven't experienced the problem again. The person who discovered this over at the W10 forums also hasn't had it return. If anyone finds this and wants to read the full thread about it you can find it here: https://www.tenforums.com/drivers-hardware/132796-all-key-inputs-die-periodically-2-seconds-logitech-g13.html So far so good!
  3. I do love periodically checking this site to see what I find. I get killed by streamers all the time so it's nice to watch a little payback sometimes. Maintenance is the perfect time! Gotta agree with this guy..I love the Beryl for it's ability to wreck. https://pubg.report/streams/b6733114-8b30-4a0e-83af-fd07b98e0a45/1191182339 This guy figured out my cheat strategy..I definitely did buy...a parachute? https://pubg.report/streams/bf2e68e7-af84-4dfe-addc-aa28d02470ef/1459617931 Yep. I saw you...and your partner. https://pubg.report/streams/67d56680-e6cc-4940-9cd1-03867652f065/1627390249 https://pubg.report/streams/67d56680-e6cc-4940-9cd1-03867652f065/1627390254
  4. This is why I disagree with the entire premise of these passes. People new to the game can never experience (or pay for) the passes that already expired. RL things can keep current players from participating (and paying). These "limited time" passes are just scammy ways to try and create fake demand. IMO the passes shouldn't expire at all. Each should be able to be paid for and then selected in the lobby so you can work on whichever pass you want in any order if you are returning or new to the game or didn't have time or whatever. They could put some sort of incentive to complete the passes in the original time frame but still make the pass available after it's over. I'm guessing PUBG would make far more money doing that than trying to convince the existing playerbase (at any given time) that it's a limited time only deal so they should buy now now now! To the OP..until that changes please plan your family emergencies better so as not to interfere with PUBGs fake "limited time only" schedule.
  5. Because the loot on Erangel was buffed quite a lot a while back and nobody is saying there is no loot on that map anymore except you. People complain there is too much now but not the other way around. So either you are really out of the loop on what is happening or being trolly!
  6. Frag grenades need a nerf IMO. Agree with the OP! I love this game for the gunplay not the EZ clap nade plays. I know some like them and that's fine but I wouldn't feel bad one bit if they got a nerf.
  7. I might have found a solution on the W10 forums. I made a thread over there and someone with the same problem responded with this: I do use Discord (but don't remember granting permission for anything) and after reading that I went into my LGS folder and sure enough there were a couple Discord files in there. I deleted them and have had 3 days of heavy PUBG time and haven't experienced this issue once. It's still early to say for sure it's resolved. It does make sense because Discord has been going nuts adding all sorts of crap in recent months. That would also explain why it didn't happen for years and just recently started happening out of the blue.
  8. Yeah, there are so many easy things they *could* do to make the mission reset in different regions more user friendly. -have each region have it's own reset time so they reset in the middle of the night *for each region*. -have a grace period after the match so you can claim missions you completed even if the timer ran out during that match. -auto claim missions in game when they are completed. -allow players to claim missions in-game instead of having to exit to the lobby (they already added the ability to see the missions in game so why not claim as well?). I'm sure there are other ideas as well. As for the med kits..problem with getting them off players is the risk of dying. When you have limited time to complete a mission you can't risk dying and then wasting all the time in the lobby waiting for another match to start. You also likely won't find med kits from players early in the game when they can't carry things yet so you would be forced to wait until later in the match which wastes more time. Regardless, I shouldn't be rushing to complete a mission at 7 or 8pm because the mission resets at 9pm. That's stupid.
  9. FUN with missions! AKA how to waste huge amounts of time throwing games in PUBG for nothing! I have one last daily to complete (use 2 med kits) and only 2 hours to complete it since it resets in the middle of my evening. OK..doesn't sound too hard. Queue up a solo match and fly away from the plane and just loot like crazy away from others until the blue overtakes me but I find 0 med kits. Queue again and do the same. No med kits. Queue again and no med kits. So now I have less than 20 minutes left and I decide to exchange my daily for another possibly more doable mission in 20 minutes. I get use 5 painkillers. Hmm..ok..doable in one match..with a bit of luck....maybe. I get Mirimar and go away from plane and loot an entire medium size town..I find 4 painkillers and THREE med kits (of course). Right as I find the 5th painkiller it's now 1 minute past reset time but I kill myself with a grenade and hope maybe there is a couple minute grace period........NOPE. Reset. So glad I wasted 2 damn hours throwing games for nothing. Wouldn't have been a problem at all if the damn missions reset at 2am instead of 9pm...
  10. Don't even see that particular KB installed on my system unless it's part of another cumulative KB that I have installed.
  11. SIGH. First game today and it's doing it again. I guess I'm back to troubleshooting. Will try @StGeorges001 suggestion.
  12. I like the AK. I like the M416. I find that the AK is somehow easier to control than an M416 with no attachments. The M4 seems highly erratic without attachments and because it shoots so fast I sometimes have trouble controlling it without attachments unless fairly close. This is where the AK shines IMO..just pick it up and load it and it's GTG. If you can find a comp then great. M4 is great with attachments but it can be a chore to kit it out. PUBG seems to have ARs quite balanced IMO so no..I don't think the AK needs a buff.
  13. It's working now but I went ahead and disabled that as well for good measure! Thanks for the tip.
  14. Yeah I'm not sure. I played solid since I posted last and it didn't happen once. The odd thing is that my other G13 was working for a long while then it just started happening. I have since unplugged it so not sure if it was plugged into a 2.0 or 3.0 port but regardless it had been working for a while when this started. I have also tried a different USB port before but it's possible I went from a 3.0 port on the back to a 3.0 port on the front. Maybe some Windows update affected how devices interact with USB 3.0 recently that adversely affected the G13. I hope switching to the 2.0 port was the actual fix. So far so good..
  15. I have been going deep on this issue. I found a lot of people having a very similar issue but with controllers in W10 and it exhibits the same exact behavior. Unfortunately, none of the suggestions or solutions worked for me. I also found other people having similar issues with controllers and steam overlay/big picture. I disabled steam overlay/big picture but that didn't help. I decided to restart steam and I also moved my G13 from a USB 3.0 port to a USB 2.0 port. After doing those two things I have played like 5 matches now without this issue happening a single time when before it was happening 3-5 times per match at a minimum (depending on how long I live). Maybe just a fluke but for now..fingers crossed it's resolved.
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