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  1. I don't mind that there are RNG elements in the game but should they outright kill you directly? Would people also be in favor of weapons/grenades randomly misfiring and blowing up in your hand/face..killing you instantly because..."RL"? How about people just randomly dropping dead from lightning strikes or heart attacks? I mean come on it would add so much "RL" to the game! 🙄
  2. Saying to use hearing protection when people are wearing headsets is a bit absurd and what people experience in RL artillery is irrelevant in a video game. The only remedy is to mute the volume but then..doesn't that say something about the game if you have to literally MUTE the sound to avoid hearing damage? I know most of the people I play with and streamers I watch all mute during the redzone but it's kind of absurd to have to do that. Also, the whole RL argument is tired and played out so please just stop. Nobody cares about "RL". This isn't RL..not even remotely close to it. Just because the game has "realism" as a theme in the game doesn't mean our ears need to bleed for the sake of "RL".
  3. We don't need more desync. We need matches to start with fewer players and dynamic circles that adjust accordingly.
  4. Not at this time. Maybe later in the day. Sad but this is the reality now.
  5. I wouldn't mind the Redzone so much if it wasn't so deafening. I also don't think it should just take you out. RNG elements are one thing but having an RNG element that just kills you immediately is just irritating IMO. Sure, many times you can take steps to avoid it by staying indoors but sometimes you are forced to run through it either because of other players or other RNG elements like the circle. Maybe if it did 50% dmg instead of immediate kill it would be more bearable. In any event..I have long since accepted it and don't expect it to change.
  6. I really have no idea what you are talking about here. Sounds like a purely subjective and random request to move rocks and trees around which makes no sense. How would PUBG even go about this vague and arbitrary request (not that they every would)? Do you have a map of the rocks and tree movements you had in mind or would you just be happy with them moving them to other random locations? Sorry but this all sounds rather absurd but maybe I'm not even understanding what you mean. Also, I don't think adding more compounds contributes in any way to a "more smoother gameplay". It will only mean more people spread out in more compounds..like happens on Vikendi.
  7. huh? Why? What do you have against trees and rocks? lol. Why would you want more compounds? You want this map to be like Vikendi also?
  8. Sidartha

    SR 150% Damage in Update

    "The AWM in PUBG is just too weak" said nobody ever. Where is this outcry for the AWM buff exactly? Until this change I have literally never heard anyone say anything remotely close to that ever..and in fact quite the opposite. The AWM is the pinnacle of weapon power in PUBG. IMO the devs should learn an American phrase "if it ain't broke don't fix it". There are so many lingering things that actually need fixing but tinkering with things that don't need it like the AWM and the stupidly loud gear "rustling" sound that just obscures the terrible footstep sounds further is just mind boggling.
  9. Sidartha

    SR 150% Damage in Update

    This change makes no sense. I mean can anyone follow the logic of PUBG changes? If the SR buff was to counter people wearing level 3 vests like some are saying..why did they add all these flares that are introducing so many level 3 vests into the game? Also, if they are fine introducing all these level 3 vests and helmets into the game with flares why did they remove level 3 helmets as a rare world spawn? I would honestly rather they remove the flares and put level 3 helmets back as a rare world spawn than have to deal with all these flares and added level 3 armor/helmets and crate weapons plus super buffed SRs.
  10. Sidartha

    SR 150% Damage in Update

    Maybe the problem is all the loot drops then? Let's remove LVL3 helmets from world spawns because they are "too OP" and should be rare but then create a worse problem with all these flares and carepackages that introduce even more LVL 3 helmets and vests and AWMs and then have to fix by making SRs OP. /facepalm
  11. Where did you get this info? They originally discussed adding compounds to the map but I think they decided not to (or at least it was removed from the test server a while back). The current iteration of the test server doesn't have actual map changes to my knowledge or is there some info that states otherwise? I think the only Erengal changes were to loot.
  12. Sidartha

    SR 150% Damage in Update

    No. With this change an AWM will one shot kill you with a body shot even with level 2 armor on.
  13. Sidartha

    SR 150% Damage in Update

    The change has nothing to do with helmets. It's a boost to body shots and will allow someone to one shot you in the chest.
  14. Sidartha

    SR 150% Damage in Update

    With this change an AWM will one shot you with level 2 armor on. With the addition of flares there are a lot more AWMs in the game. Sorry but just like the flares this is a dumb change for game balance IMO.
  15. Sidartha

    Look!! Matchmaking fixed

    I think the conclusion is going to be that map selection has to be removed. Regardless of what you think now..there *will* be another map..how bad will map selection be with 5 or 6 maps? I think people who are trying to hold onto map selection are just ignoring reality and delaying the inevitable.