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  1. I would rather they focus on match performance tbh. I think the gun play is pretty good. I wouldn't mind if they made all weapons available on all maps but I don't really mind it staying the way it is, either. None of this matters if the game continues to perform poorly due to OOR players and bugs. IMO all their resources should be focused on implementing a plan to make matches largely IN REGION players and fixing some of the ongoing game-breaking bugs like silent footsteps. Monkeying around with the one part of the game that is in pretty good shape? Nah.
  2. This is why I don't hot drop. In theory I don't mind the concept of hot dropping (especially as a way to practice gun play) but I don't typically do it because of the technical issues and the compounding of RNG elements it presents. -loot spawns late -if you don't execute your parachute perfectly and land even a little late you are probably dead -even if loot does spawn if you get bad gun RNG you are probably dead -too much lag: can't always pick things up easily even if stuff does spawn The only fix for this is to land off the plane path. You don't have to land in the middle of nowhere with no people but just pick a "populated" spot not directly under the plane (and not one of the established "hot drop" spots unless it's quite a ways off the plane path). If you insist on dropping in hot spots that are right on the plane path then expect to keep dying for stupid, frustrating reasons.
  3. Do we really, though? Melee in this game is worse than bad and I wouldn't want to encourage them to invest any more resources into it than they already have. Last night I was standing on a roof directly in front of someone vaulting over the edge and punching him except not one punch landed on him. Just no. I would rather see them remove all melee weapons except the pan and let other guns spawn instead.
  4. I think what PUBG does is more like: deploy public test (maybe) go live PUBG isn't alone in this type of mindset. I work for a major technology company and I still experience this. My job is to test firmware/drivers that the software engineers make and even though it's my job to test particular builds..it's always apparent when they give us builds that have had ZERO internal testing done before we get a build. In theory, my job is to test what *should* be a working build in different scenarios (different NIC cards, different operating systems, different configurations etc..) to ensure there are no bugs but instead we get builds that don't work AT ALL. This is a huge failure and a huge waste of time because we have aggressive project schedules to meet for our external customer and we can't do extensive testing if we get firmware or drivers that fail to work at all. How people can develop something without doing even a preliminary functionality test is beyond me.
  5. I'm not talking about those games. I haven't played them much if at all so why would I speak about them? What little I have played of BFV has been much more polished than my experience with PUBG but they are completely different types of games so I don't think it's a fair comparison. PUBG has a particular type of technical hurdle to deal with and I don't envy their job. That doesn't excuse letting issues languish and introducing huge issues into the game because they don't have a QA process in place to prevent that from happening. My point is that serious issues found on the test server should *not* be pushed to live servers when they know they exist. My point is that if the test server was really a test server they wouldn't make drastic changes to a test server build and then push it to live servers before testing it on the test server first. The fact that they do sort of implies that the test server is not really a test server. No I haven't developed software personally but I do work on a team that does test firmware and drivers. I can say that I know firsthand what it's like testing stuff that clearly hasn't been tested and it's a f*ing mess. That being said it doesn't take a software developer to see that not utilizing the test server properly and pushing known issues to the live server is going to be a huge problem.
  6. They clearly have no QA process in place. I mean the way they implement the "test" server is a pretty big clue. Here is their test server "process": -PUBG puts out a build on the test server. -people report problems..in some cases bad problems. -PUBG pushes build to live without addressing problems. or -PUBG puts out a build on the test server. -people report problems -PUBG makes drastic changes and pushes the changed build directly to live servers. They have consistently done both of those things with HORRIBLE results. Based on that I don't think it's hard to imagine that there is no internal QA system to catch huge gamebreaking bugs like silent footsteps or bugged loot distribution.
  7. They might not have *purposefully* touched the loot but it does feel different than it was initially. I have a feeling something with loot balance got borked unintentionally like the whole red carpet fiasco with footsteps.
  8. 1. It sorta sucks but is still better than the pump shotgun. 2. It's semi-automatic so wtf would you fire one shot? I fire a minimum of 3 shots with that thing because it has the weakest damage of the shotguns but makes up for it with semi-auto fire and you can put an extended mag and red dot on it making it far and away better than the stupidly slow and inconsistent pump shotgun. I think it's about tied with the double barrel unless you are really good then the double barrel is probably better.
  9. Same reason 50% of the people I get in randoms are from Brazil and don't speak English. PUBG values warm bodies in 100 man matches more than quality matches that perform well. I think most players would rather have matches start with 70-80 people of the same region (and maybe dynamic circles to accommodate less people) but have a much better performing match than get 100 player matches filled with anyone from anywhere with any ping. PUBG obviously doesn't have that philosophy.
  10. Yeah I assume that was the intent but it's way too drastic and honestly in a game like this it shouldn't even be there. I mean you can hear footsteps in many situations 3 houses away so why in some situations are footsteps quiet behind a wall and loud in front of a window? It's just way too inconsistent for a game that so completely requires consistent sounds.
  11. I don't think anyone doesn't understand what could have gone wrong. Clearly there are settings for surfaces that are set improperly. The question is..how are mistakes this blatant and obvious to players not only making it onto live servers but also existing on live servers for *weeks* without ever being addressed? It's not just the carpet sounds. If you watched until the end there also appears to be a sound issue with LOS. Someone running behind an object makes distinctly less sound than when not (video shows character running behind window and then wall with noticeably different sound levels. These are just what he was able to find. How many other oddities are there from incorrect settings? Is there a similar problem with grass color or bushes or other ground material? Is there consistent sounds running backwards and forwards or strafing? I find it hard to believe what wackyjacky found is the only sound inconsistencies and it doesn't seem that PUBG is up to the task of fixing their own game. SAD.
  12. I think many players have likely already seen or heard about this or even experienced it firsthand in the game (or more likely were confused by this not knowing what was going on) but I was surprised that nobody had posted this here. Since patch#30 lots of streamers and players have been talking about footstep sounds being bugged and not working properly. Yet again, Wackjacky and one of his viewers who tipped him off have spelled out at least some of the issues going on in the video below. I have had serious issues with footsteps sounds since EA of varying degrees. Some seem to get fixed or diminished and others get introduced later. Seeing this video at this stage makes me wonder if PUBG has *any* QA process in place at all. We all know the test server is a joke but certainly there has to be *some* internal QA process? I feel like even rudimentary QA would catch some of this and this video is not even all inclusive..there are likely many other related issues that aren't even documented in this video but are yet to be nailed down with hard documentation. I have posted various footstep issues numerous times in the past and I always get the same response that it's just high ping players not making footstep sounds because of lag/server corrections of their position etc..and I'm sure that does happen but this video shows there are far more issues with footsteps going on than just high ping players. Also, this patch has been out weeks now and nobody at PUBG has picked up on this yet? It takes a wackjacky video to document the serious game breaking bugs going on when people have been talking about this for weeks? Watching this really just makes me not want to play tbh because this shouldn't be happening at this stage of the game IMO. PUBG needs to be *polishing* the game into a pristine state to *attract* players so that matchmaking isn't dead but instead things like this will just push more players away or prevent them from ever giving PUBG another chance because who wants to spend 20 minutes in a match only to die to a stupid bug where you can't hear an enemy that is almost on top of you?
  13. If you put it on voice activated you can talk in the team lobby (not the match lobby but the team lobby before entering a match). If you have it on push to talk you can't talk to your team for some unknown reason.
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