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  1. So recently I've been having this issue where my houses would turn into a putty like substance and when I tried to enter them it would glitch me inside of the walls and couldn't get out. I have a picture of what it's like and the only way I've been able to stop this from happening for that one game is to change my resolution to a random and back to 1920 x 1080.
  2. No, I do not have any clip my instant replay was off I tried to see if it was on. I have my instant replay on right now.
  3. SaltySoupp

    Revive glitch

    Me and my friend were having a fun game and we went into a apartment building their was a guy camping and he downed me and i had barely any health left to be revived and my friend killed him and went to revive me he got to me in time and it made him pickup the ammo under me instead of reviving me
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