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    No cursor in full screen mode

    There is a case when cursor doesn't appear in the game. No steps to reproduce, it's just how it is on my setup since the last major update. Switching to windowed/borderless leads to another annoying issue where the cursor escapes the game to another monitor (It's connected to the misaligned buttons glitch - game bleeds under the taskbar on my left monitor, and the cursor is clicking icons on it). I lost so many games because of this. DxDiag:
  2. // ₪ // Potato e

    Misaligned buttons with taskbar on the left/right

    For visibility
  3. // ₪ // Potato e

    PUBG mouse over bug???

  4. // ₪ // Potato e

    Misaligned buttons with taskbar on the left/right

    It must be some kind of joke that no one responded to this yet... Are you serious?
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    Misaligned buttons with taskbar on the left/right

    Windows 10, Game does not crash, affects gameplay. Just set the taskbar to be on the left/right side of the screen and see what happens. All buttons and touch targets are misaligned by the thickness of the taskbar. (You have to put your cursor one taskbar size to the left/right to actually click a button) Same for inventory items and weapon attachments, very annoying when trying to put weapon attachments on/off. If you have more than one monitor, the game in fullscreen mode will bleed to the right/left monitor (I don't know, it might all happen because of multimonitor setup)
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    Not something ground breaking but still bothers me

    Do you mean that one game copy can be played by more than one user via steam family sharing?